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Title:Audio in Spanish. Sixto talks about his cousin Severo and about the Huitotos.
Documentation of Tinigua
Contributor (researcher):Ricardo
Contributor (speaker):Sixto
Description:Audio in Spanish. Sixto talks about his cousin Severo and about the Huitotos. The literature does not talk about what happened to Severo (who did not died with the massacre of the 1950's). Sixto talks about Severo's dead in a prison in Villavicencio. In this session Sixto also talks about the relationship of the Tiniguas with the Huitotos. According to many colonos in the area, as well as as recorded in the available literature on the Tinigua group, it is assumed that the Tiniguas left the Yarí area because of pressures by other colonos and rubber seekers. Sixto says, instead, that they had to leave the area because of spiritual war with the Huitotos, who were killing through spells by their strong shammans, the Tinigua people.
Audio en español. Sixto habla sobre su primo Severo y sobre los Huitotos. La literatura disponible sobre los Tiniguas no dice qué pasó con los otros Tiniguas que no murieron en la masacre de los años 50s. En esta sesión Sixto habla sobre la muerte de su primo Severo en una prisión en Villavicencio. También habla sobre la relación entre los Tiniguas y los Huitotos. Según los colonos del área y según está inscrito en la literatura sobre los Tiniguas, se asume que los Tiniguas dejaron las llanuras del Yarí por presión de otros colonos y por huir a los caucheros. Sixto dice, en cambio, que los Tiniguas tuvieron que huir del Yarí porque los Huitotos los estaban matando en una guerra espiritual, en donde los Huitotos mandaban maleficios y enfermedades a los Tiniguas por medio de trabajos espirituales que hacían los shamanes Huitotos para acabar a los Tiniguas.
Tinigua [ISO 639-3:tit] is the last surviving member of an independent South American Tiniguan family whose other (two?) members have disappeared without substantial documentation; with only one remaining speaker, it is now critically endangered. Additionally, the language is seriously underdocumented and underdescribed. This project aims to provide a linguistic documentation of Tinigua through work with Sixto Muñoz, its last remaining speaker. The expected outcomes of this project are a transcribed, translated and annotated audio-visual corpus of the language, a grammatical description, and a lexicon. Additionally, I aim to gather further historical and cultural data on the Tiniguan culture.
speaker of Tinigua. Last speaker know of the language.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1300894%23
Publisher:Katherine Bolaños
Fundación Tinigua
Tinigua language
Spanish language
Subject (ISO639):tit


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Citation: Sixto (speaker); Ricardo (researcher); Katherine. 2018-05-08. Katherine Bolaños.
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