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Title:Audio in Spanish. Interview to Marina. Sixto's niece. Daughter to Sixto's cousin Roque.
Documentation of Tinigua
Contributor (consultant):Marina
Contributor (researcher):Ricardo
Description:Audio in Spanish. Interview. Continuation of resource file Sobrinos_marina_001 and Sobrinos_marina_002. Sixto's niece, Marina, talks about her childhood among Tinigua relatives. Marina also talks about her biographical trajectory and childhood.
Audio en español. Continuación de entrevista en Sobrinos_marina_001 y Sobrinos_marina_002. Entrevista a Marina, sobrina de Sixto. Marina es hija de Roque (primo hermano de Sixto, hijo de Matilde y de Salomón. Salomón era hermano de Agapito. Con la muerte de Salomón, y de Maura, la primera esposa de Sixto, Agapito se junta con Matilde y acoje a los hijos de Matilde, entre ellos Severo, Mateíto o Matesito, y Roque). Roque vivió con su familia (sus hijos Manuel, Antonio, Marina, Mono y Roque, y su mujer Juaca) en el filo de los conejos. En esta narración Marina habla también de su trayectoria biográfica y sobre su infancia en el filo de los conejos. Marina dice haber vivido con Sixto y la última esposa de Sixto, Isabel. Sixto no confirma esta historia.
Tinigua [ISO 639-3:tit] is the last surviving member of an independent South American Tiniguan family whose other (two?) members have disappeared without substantial documentation; with only one remaining speaker, it is now critically endangered. Additionally, the language is seriously underdocumented and underdescribed. This project aims to provide a linguistic documentation of Tinigua through work with Sixto Muñoz, its last remaining speaker. The expected outcomes of this project are a transcribed, translated and annotated audio-visual corpus of the language, a grammatical description, and a lexicon. Additionally, I aim to gather further historical and cultural data on the Tiniguan culture.
Marina is one of Sixto's cousin's (Roque) children. Marina self-recognizes as Tiniguan. She does not speak the language because, she says, she did not grow up with her father, and instead grew up with her spanish speaking mother.
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Publisher:Katherine Bolaños
Fundación Tinigua
Tinigua language
Spanish language
English language
Subject (ISO639):tit


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