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Title:History of the name of Turnip Village
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Contributor (depositor):Sims, Nathaniel
Contributor (recorder):Yu Xiuhong
Contributor (researcher):Sims, Nathaniel
Bai, Jianqiong
Contributor (speaker):张安妹 (ZHANG Anmei)
Contributor (sponsor):Smithsonian institute, center for folklife and cultural heritage
Date Available (W3CDTF):2022-02-03
Date Created (W3CDTF):2020-08-25
Date Issued (W3CDTF):2022-03-14T14:34:27+01:00
Description:This is a traditional story told by Mr. Ma Qianfa of Luobozhai Village. The contents of the story are as follows. Why is our village called Luobo Village (Turnip Village) now? Turnip Village used to be called "Shunfu Village" (rich and prosperous village) because the people of the village were rich. Later, a person named Wang Qiang became the leader of Shunfu Village. He was a bully, did not pay taxes, did not obey the orders of superiors, and did things his own way. He managed the entire "Shunfu Village" in this way, even to the point where the superiors couldn’t manage the situation. As a result, "Shunfu Village" was given a new name called "Laohuzhai" (Tiger Village). Once, when it was time to pay taxes again, Wang Qian was unwilling to pay taxes, and his superior sent two soldiers to arrest Wang Qian. Wang Qian was about to put the horses, he wore a hat on his head and a bow and arrow on his back. After the two soldiers came, he asked the two soldiers: "What are you going to see?" The two soldiers replied: "We are going to find Wang Qian, is he home?" Wang Qian lied to them and said, "Mr. Wang Qian has gone far away. I am Mr. Wang Qian's horseman. Now I am helping him free his horse." Look at me, I can kill the eagle in the sky with a bow and arrow. When he came down, he took out a bow and arrow to shoot the eagle down, and fell directly in front of the two soldiers. The two soldiers were so scared because they thought Wang Qian's horseman was so powerful, they ran away quickly. After that, the superior sent more than a dozen people to the "Tiger Village", and Mr. Wang Qian thought of a way to escape. He surrounded the whole village with bundles of firewood. From a distance, it looked like it was full of people .A lot of charcoal was burned. After the dozen or so soldiers arrived, they observed Tiger Village from a few kilometers away from the village. As expected, they regarded the firewood as human beings, and exclaimed: "There are so many people here, and even the charcoal has been burnt so much. Surely we can’t defeat this village" This time they failed to catch Mr. Wang Qian. After that, it alarmed the leaders of the state, and the state arranged a lot of troops, divided into two large-scale offensives on "Tiger Village '', one attacked from the front of the village, and the other attacked from the back of the village. When Wang Qian learned the news, he ran away and disappeared. And the villagers who don't know anything are still busy as before, with their farmwork and chopping wood. Those soldiers were very angry when they didn't find General Wang Qian, and said, "Kill all these people ruled by General Wang Qian." They started the killing, and the blood ran into rivers. After returning, the report said: "This time is completely peaceful. We cut the villagers of "Tiger Village'' to pieces like radishes. They dare not be the people of Shunliang." As a result, "Tiger Village'' was renamed "Turnip Village''.
为什么现在咱们这个村子叫萝卜寨,是有来历的。以前萝卜寨叫“顺富村”,因为百姓顺良,村子富裕。之后有一个叫做王千总的人成为了“顺富村”的领头人。他恶霸一方,不纳税,不服从上级命令,我行我素,把整个“顺富村”统管在他手下,甚至都到了上级不能管理的地步。由此,“顺富村”有了个新名称叫做“老虎寨”。 有一次,又到了该纳税的时候了,王千总不愿纳税,上级派了两个兵来抓王千总。王千总当时正要去放马,头上戴了个帽子,背上挂着弓箭。那两个兵过来以后,他问那两个兵:“你们要去看什么呢?”两个兵回答:“我们要去找王千总,他在不在家啊?”,王千总装作是他的马夫,骗他们说:“王千总到很远的地方去了,我就是王千总的马夫,现在在帮他放马呢。”你们看着,我用弓箭把天上的老鹰打下来,说着就拿出弓箭把老鹰射下来,直接掉在了两个兵的身前。两个兵看着王千总的马夫都这么厉害就吓着了,连忙跑走了。 之后,上级派了十几个人来到“老虎寨”,王千总就想了个办法,他把一捆捆的柴火围着整个村庄围了一圈,从远处看就像站满了人一样。又烧上了很多木炭。那十几个兵来了以后,从离村庄几公里远的地方观察老虎寨,果然将柴火都看成了人,惊叹:“这里这么多人,连木炭都烧了这么多,快走吧,肯定打不过的。”这下又没能抓住王千总。 之后就惊动了州上的领导,州上安排了很多兵力,分为两支大张旗鼓的进攻“老虎寨”,一支从村前进攻,一支从村后进攻。王千总得知消息后便逃跑了,从此销声匿迹。而什么都不知道的村民们还像以往一样忙碌着,背水的背水,砍柴的砍柴。那些兵们没有找到王千总很愤怒,说:“把王千总统治的这些人全杀了吧。”便大开杀戒,血流成河。回去后汇报说:“这下彻底太平了,我们把“老虎寨”的村民们像砍萝卜一样砍成了碎片,他们不敢不做顺良百姓了。”由此,“老虎寨”更名为“萝卜寨”。
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Language:Southern Qiang (Luobozhai Dialect)
Language (ISO639):qxs
License (URI):http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
Publisher:Smithsonian institute, center for folklife and cultural heritage
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Rights:Copyright (c) Sims, Nathaniel
Spatial Coverage:China, Wenchuan County, Luobozhai Village
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Subject:Southern Qiang language
Southern Qiang (Luobozhai Dialect)
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Citation: Sims, Nathaniel (depositor); Sims, Nathaniel (researcher); Bai, Jianqiong (researcher); 张安妹 (ZHANG Anmei) (speaker); Smithsonian institute, center for folklife and cultural heritage (sponsor); Yu Xiuhong (recorder). 2022. Smithsonian institute, center for folklife and cultural heritage.
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