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Pintar pilão com MT
Contributor:DobeS Team
Contributor (speaker):Maria Tadeu
(macro-região, como "norte" "centro-oeste")
(estado, UF)
(parque / terra indígena, se houver)
Description:Maria Tadeu, Mariuza and Pe’i are painting a large, wooden mortar with images of traditional body painting patterns, specifically those patterns used for the “menina moça” ceremonies, when, in former times, girls were secluded for usually one month in a sheltered corner within the large maloca or roundhouse (see also Becker-Donner 1955: 280), with the commencing of their first menstruation. The singing and dancing around the new mortar, with songs traditionally sung at the “menina moça” ceremonies, is an inauguration ritual before using the new mortar. Mortars are predominantly used to make chicha (mama’ĩ), the traditional alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage derived from corn, haki’mu, or sweet manioc, nhãpuri‘mu, common throughout the Amazon region. The corn (various varieties) is first boiled and then pounded with water into a thick porridge-like drink, moving the large, wooden pestle in wide circles. The mortars are also used to make other kinds of mama‘ĩ (chicha), made from palm fruits, such as patauá (Oenocarpus bataua), hikurune, or bacaba (Oenocarpus bacaba), hü, or to pound hard corn to make bread for instance, haki‘nũ. The big mortar in the video will later be used for larger communal festivities. What is interesting is that Becker-Donner (1955: 277) mentions that the Aikanã and Kanoê used millstones to grind their corn and manioc to make chicha. Today, surely, only mortars are in use.
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Is Part Of:DoBeS archive : Sudeste de Rondonia - Southeastern Rondonia
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Subject:Portuguese language
Aikanã language
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Citation: Maria Tadeu (speaker); Pe´i (speaker); DobeS Team. n.d. DoBeS archive : Sudeste de Rondonia - Southeastern Rondonia.
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