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Banco do pajé com JI
Contributor:DobeS Team
Contributor (consultant):Jilmar
(macro-região, como "norte" "centro-oeste")
(estado, UF)
(parque / terra indígena, se houver)
Description:Jilmar Aikanã helps Maria Tadeu to reconstruct a “shaman’s stool” with the wood from a tree trunk. This kind of stool or bench, called karɨi, was used only by the shaman, haditae, during his shamanic work, when sniffing rapé or parico, a snuff, called ayumenũ in Aikanã, travelling and communicating with the spirit world and other shamans. The ayumenũ, made from angico seeds and the burned bark of a tree, dape:ru in Aikanã, mirindiba in Portuguese, is usually blown into the nose through another shaman or person via a fine bamboo/grass/bone pipe, made for this purpose (see also Becker-Donner, p.283). According to Becker-Donner, ayumenũ is also the name of the “malevolent spirit” of disease. Iwerüa, a non-human being usually referred to as the cause of death and evil was, according to myth, the one who initially showed the powder to the humans. During his/her journeys, the shaman has to travel to a distant place to find out about sickness and cure (p.283). Today, these stools are not in use anymore among the Aikanã. The last acting shaman who used to cure people in the TI Tubarão-Latundê was the late Cap. Arui Uhune’i. Cap. Arui Uhune’i himself was initiated by the late shaman Mundé Txiridö “Kenepi”, stepfather of the late Cap. Pedro. Next to sacred music, the shaman Cap. Arui Uhune’i also had a great repertoire of songs sung at menina moça and dance festivities. While most of the Aikanã shamans are men, according to Marião, Cap. Arui Uhune’i’s wife, also women can become shamans. This can also be noted from the neighbouring Kanoê, where the strong female shaman, Tinamaty (“cobweb”), performs shamanic rituals.
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Aikanã language
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