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A culturally informed corpus of Dalabon: descriptions of the person as a body and as kin
Contributor:Clarissa Pamkal
kids playing
Maïa Ponsonnet
Maggie Tukumba
Natacha Pamkal
Rashona Pamkal
Rumsey Tukumba
Reggie Tukumba
Tamara Tukumba
Contributor (recorder):Maïa Ponsonnet
Contributor (speaker):Clarissa Pamkal
Maggie Tukumba
Description:Body parts on animals in Kriol by CT: crocodile, kangaroo, emu, snake, fish.
Language_Name: Dalabon Language_Region: Oceania Language_Country: Australia Project_Status: Complete Year: 2010 Start_Date: 2010-07-10 End_Date: 2013-05-10
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Body parts on animals in Kriol by CT: crocodile, kangaroo, emu, snake, fish. Kids playing around, Natacha sitting nearby.
Body parts on animals in Kriol by CT. Remarkable aspect through the whole session: CP often adds modifiers to the parts she names (long, bigis, lil, shap, raun + cardinal numbers); she also adds numericals and in that respect sticks strictly to what she sees on the drawing as opposed to what the kangaroo has (expect for eyes where MP contradicts her). MT suports her by whispering some of the answers or pointing at some parts. Starts with crocodile. Molo-wirrh-no (?). Very clear pointing at hed as samedenotatum as kodj-no. 3'15: kangaroo. Internal parts. Neither MT nor CP provide very naturalistic accounts of internal BP. Interesting parallel between tu fut tu finga. MT encourages CP to talk about genitals. Djimbidj-no; weya im gu toilit. 6'10, emu. CP says the emu has tu but, MT rectifies for three, CP then rectifies MT and claims that the the emu has three neil/tow and two but. Again, clear pointing at the same denotation as kodj-no for hed. , snake, fish. CP says the emu has binga under its fut. She tells the story of the stone in the bird's throat (goitre). She mentions his wings, not on the drawing (she specifies that there are two). MT is proud of her performance and of her knowledge of "drimtaim" stories. 9': snake. Feis and hed. Still points at the hed when seen from above. 10'25: fish.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI549669%23
Publisher:Maïa Ponsonnet
Australian National University
Subject:Undetermined language
Kriol language
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Citation: Clarissa Pamkal; Clarissa Pamkal; kids playing; Maïa Ponsonnet; Maïa Ponsonnet; Maggie Tukumba; Maggie Tukumba; Natacha Pamkal; Rashona Pamkal; Rumsey Tukumba; Reggie Tukumba; Tamara Tukumba; Reggie Tukumba; Tamara Tukumba; Rumsey Tukumba; Clarissa Pamkal (speaker); Maggie Tukumba (speaker); Maïa Ponsonnet (recorder); Maïa Ponsonnet (recorder); Natacha Pamkal; Rashona Pamkal; kids playing; Clarissa Pamkal; Maggie Tukumba. 2010-07-21. Maïa Ponsonnet.
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