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Title:Zapal Bei Zap o Bei Busa
Zap o Busa
Documentation of zapal 'folk stories' in Bunaq, a minority language of West Timor
Contributor (researcher):Antoinette
Contributor (speaker):Yeremias Mali
Description:This zapal tells the story of Zap (Dog) and Busa (Cat). The story is etiological explaining the origin of the enmity between dogs and cats, and in turn why cats cover their faeces after defecating. The story tells how Cat and Dog were friends, would work together in each other's garden and would generally help each other out. That is, until the day when Dog called Cat to help get some bananas that Dog had found on a tree. Cat climbed the tree and started eating the bananas and didn't give any to dog waiting below. Dog becomes enranged and chased Cat from tree to tree, swearing that from that day on Cat and his descendents would not be safe; even their faeces would be eaten up by Dog and his descendents. Cat's proclivity for bananas and his ability to swing from tree to tree requires a stretch of the imagination. It appears that this story is actually an adaption of the more common zapal Bei Orel o Bei Pip, where it is a monkey that steals the bananas from a goat and then escapes by swinging through the tree tops.
Bunaq "zapal" is an endangered form of fairy tale-like folk story traditionally told in the family group at night before going to sleep. With the arrival of electricity and television in Bunaq villages, the traditional night time forum for telling "zapal" has been lost. As a result, children know little or nothing of this aspect of Bunaq culture; only elderly community members and some adults know individual tales from the vast canon of "zapal" that the Bunaq once had. The "zapal" encapsulate and elucidate aspects of the Bunaq world view and their environment. The documentation of "zapal" therefores provide an unique perspective on the traditional livelihoods and beliefs of the Bunaq for researchers.
Bunaq with occasional Indonesian/Malay
Living in Kupang, but from Lakmaras village.
Born in Mebupor, lives in Henes.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1315199%23
Publisher:Antoinette Schapper
Bunak language
Indonesian language
English language
Subject (ISO639):bfn


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Citation: Antoinette (researcher); Wendy; Yeremias Mali (speaker). 2013-03. Antoinette Schapper.
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