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Title:new car ceremony
Documentation of Yonghe Qiang language and culture
Contributor (recorder):Nathaniel Sims
Contributor (speaker):YZQ
Description:This is an audio-visual recording made by Nathaniel Sims of a short ceremony performed by Qiang shaman YZQ. The ceremony was performed in the Mao County Seat Governmental Affairs Office parking lot at three in the afternoon on April 28th of 2019. The purpose of the ceremony was to bless a new car and to wish safe travels and peace on the car and the car's owner. It is common for people from Yonghe to ask YZQ (and other shamans) for this type of blessing for new cars, motorcycles, tractors, etc. The name of this ceremony is the Chinese term 开光 kaiguang (lit. open-light) which is a Chinese Buddhist term meaning to consecrate or to bless. For this particular ceremony, the car owner was RJT, a Tibetan from Luoduo Valley, Heishui County (just north of Mao County). YZQ had in advance prepared a rooster, two juniper branches, two red pieces of cloth, and some grain alcohol (seen in the sports drink bottle). YZQ first burned the juniper and waved the smoke over each of the tires and sang a small chant in Qiang. Afterwards, YZQ doused the rooster in alcohol and then bit the rooster on the cockscomb and put some blood and feathers on the front license plate as well as each of the tires. He also sang a short chant (some parts in Qiang some parts in Southwestern Mandarin) of blessing for the vehicle. After finishing the chant YZQ gave the two red pieces of cloth to RJT to put on the dashboard of the car. After this the ceremony was concluded. The entire ceremony took about ten minutes to complete. Afterwards, Mr. Yang took the rooster back home as part of his payment. RJT and his friends from Heishui went on their way north to Heishui County.
此录音是一个羌族释比YZQ做的一个开光仪式。这个仪式主要目标是给车子和师傅的安全和保用。师傅是来自四川省黑水县的 RJT。YZQ 在开光的过程当中用羌语和汉语唱。
YZQ performs the ceremony for RJT's car.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1312672%23
Publisher:Nathaniel Sims
University of California, Santa Barbara
Subject:Ritual/religious texts
Southern Qiang language
Qiang, Southern
Mandarin Chinese language
Subject (ISO639):qxs


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Citation: Nathaniel Sims (recorder); YZQ (speaker); RJT (speaker). 2019-04-28. Nathaniel Sims.
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