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Title:A (Tutal) Chulym speaker is talking on various subjects and describes a picture book
Contributor (consultant):Vassiliy Gabov
Contributor (researcher):Valeriya Lemskaya
Coverage:Russian Federation
Description:The monologue by the Tual Chulym speaker contains his interview by a scholar, a translation of the CALMS wordlist (an expanded version of the Swadish list) from Russian into English, and the description of the "Frog, Where are You?" picture book in his language. Vassiliy Mikhaylovich Gabov was born in the Novotarlagany village area, on a field, on 30.06.1952. His mother had been doing work in the field, heavy pregnant, and gave birth to him right there. She was illiterate, and there was no place to register the baby, so she asked some person going to the district center to register her son as “Timofey Lavrentyevich Lyutov”; but the person failed to do that and eventually registered him with his present name. Vassiliy’s mother had children from different men, however, this was never put forward, as after World War II life was hard, and people didn’t care who were the parents of the children – they all felt related. Vassiliy spent quite a lot of time with his maternal grandfather (who actually was her step-father), and acquired the Chulym Turkic language from him. He finished school and special engineering education and worked as a fireman, later driver in the village of Teguldet. He married Galina, an ethnic Chulym Turk, who unfortuantely doesn’t speak, but understands the language. They had five children, but only three daughters survive today. They are all married, but only one of them lives in Teguldet. Vassiliy speaks Chulym Turkic to his wife, but he always spoke Russian to his children, which he regrets now. When he was young, he would often go hunting and would start trying to write stories as he could using the Russian alphabet. He was laughed at for this attempt and was quite hurt. In 2003, with the arrival of foreign linguists he was determined to be the youngest fluent speaker of Chulym Turkic in the Teguldet District. He was strongly encouraged to resume his writing, which he later did, writng stories and poems in his language.
Tutal Chulym
born in Novo-Tarlagany village, Teguldet District, Tomsk Region; mainly spoke Chulym Turkic with his grandfather; didn't know his biological father
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1281961%23
Publisher:Valeriya Lemskaya
Nazarbayev University
Chulym language
Chulym Turkic
Subject (ISO639):clw


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Citation: Vassiliy Gabov (consultant); Valeriya Lemskaya (researcher). 2016-07-09. Valeriya Lemskaya.
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