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Title:Analyzed interview with the Melets Chulym speaker talking on how the writing system of his language was elaborated
Contributor (consultant):Aleksandr Kondiyakov
Contributor (researcher):Valeriya Lemskaya
Coverage:Russian Federation
Description:This contains analyzed material of a copy from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation [grant number 14.Y26.31.0014], Tomsk State University. The recording contains stimuli induced monologues, i.e. the Melets Chulym speaker is interviewed by the scholar on how the writing system for Melets Chulym was worked out and what texts are being prepared with the system of writing, etc. Aleksand Fedorovich Kondiyakov was born on 02.10.1952 in the village of Staroye Amohceyevo, where a lot of Melets Chulym Turks used to live. His parents were native Melets Chulym Turks. He lost his mother at the age of 3. His father later married another Melets Chulym woman who had also been married. They had mutual children, too. Aleksandr?s father, Fedor, was a very respected man among the community. He is said to have been a wonderful story-teller. He knew many folklore features ? tales, legends, songs, rhyme-songs, etc. Aleksandr tried to remember some of them, but failed to remember quite a number. In the Soviet times, Aleksandr worked on a boat on the Chulym River. In the 1970s he moved to the village of Pasechnoye. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was no work, and the family had a hard time surviving. In 1979, Aleksand married Tatyana, an ethnic Russian who came to Pasechnoye to work as a primary school teacher. She was born in another district of the Kransoyarsk Territory. She arrived in Pasechnoye by a small airplane and was impressed by the local nature & people. Aleksandr and Tatyana had five children, two of which unfortunately passed away. Only their now-eldest son lives in the village. Their second son lives in the city of Bogotol, and their daughter ? in the city of Achinsk. All children are married and have kids of their own. Tatyana moved to Achinsk to help her daughter and her family. Aleksandr spoke Russian to his family, and the children know only a few words in Melets Chulym. He regrets not teaching them the language. Starting from the late 1990s, Aleksandr with some support by his fellow villagers, started a local community ?Chulym?, and compelled the Chulym community to be recognized as a separate ethnic group with their own language. He also (with some help) elaborated a system of writing for his language and would write stories and wordlists in it. He tried to teach the langauge, but was first supported then denied support by the local education administration for the lack of teaching education and the Melets Chulym being off the list of Russia?s foreign languages for education.
Melets Chulym
born in Staro-Amocheyevo, started to speak Russian after the beginning of school education at the age of 9-10
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1281933%23
Publisher:Valeriya Lemskaya
Nazarbayev University
Chulym language
Chulym Turkic
Subject (ISO639):clw


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Citation: Aleksandr Kondiyakov (consultant); Valeriya Lemskaya (researcher). 2014-08-23. Valeriya Lemskaya.
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