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Title:Biography of Julio López Pérez
Documentation of Mocho’ (Mayan): Language Preservation through Community Awareness and Engagement
Contributor (annotator):Roselio
Contributor (consultant):Julio
Contributor (depositor):Jaime
Contributor (interviewer):Jaime
Contributor (recorder):Jaime
Contributor (researcher):Jaime
Description:This is a series of three audio-video recordings with transcriptions of Julio López Pérez’s autobiography. There is a merged audio-video file named MHC_TUZ_JLP_Biografia_de_JLP that contains the three short transcribed audio-video files. In MHC_TUZ_JLP_Biografia_de_JLP-1 Julio talks about when he was born and where he grew up. He narrates how his childhood was working with his parents, and what they used to do. Hi says that his father was peasant, so he did not have another option more than take care of the land. He also says that when he was adolescent he worked hard, and he did not had any bad habit. He talks about the situation of Tuzantec language and why it is dying. He says that his parents prohibited him to speak Tuzantec because it was prohibited in Tuzantan. There was an announcement that you did not have to speak the language in the community. There are some people that say that they speak the language, but Julio says that they only know some words and they cannot speak the language. He says that in all villages that belong to the Municipality of Tuzantan there are around sixty people who know some words, but that they cannot speak. He also says that he does not even speak the language because he has not practiced it in a long time. In MHC_TUZ_JLP_Biografia_de_JLP-2 Julio speaks about their ancestors and where they came from. He says that his grandfather came from Guatemala and his grandmother was native from Tuzantan. The rest of his relatives spoke Mocho’. He also says that there was an order in Tuzantan that prohibited the language in the community. The police said that nobody could speak the language. If you were speaking the language, the police will arrest you and take you to jail. At school the language was also prohibited. Teachers shut you up if they listen you speaking the language, so nobody spoke Tuzantec at school. He says that he learned Tuzantec since he was born, and that he stopped speaking Tuzantec when he was approximately eleven years old. He also refers to the idea of Tuzantec being compared to Mam (another Mayan language), and that for a long time it was considered Mam. The third audio-video recording MHC_TUZ_JLP_Biografia_de_JLP-3 keeps talking about the name of Tuzantec and how people used to say that it was considered Mam. He says that we do not know if Motozintlec and Tuzantec are the same language. Jaime asks him if he could understand when Teodoso from Motozintla understood his language, and Julio says that he could understand, but it was hard for him to understand all of it. He also talks about places where he went to work. He did not go far away, only to those farms around Tuzantan. He names some of those farms where he worked, and he says what he did in this farms (mostly on coffee plantations). He tell us how he settled down in Tuzantan, and he stopped going to those farms. He says that his father suggested him to work on their own land. He says also that he gradually got tired, and decided to just work by himself.
Biography of Julio López Pérez from Tuzantán, Chiapas, Mexico.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1265426%23
Publisher:Jaime Pérez González
University of Texas at Austin
Mocho language
Spanish language
English language
Subject (ISO639):mhc


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Citation: Jaime; Jaime (depositor); Jaime (recorder); Jaime (interviewer); Cesar (recorder); Julio (consultant); Jaime (researcher); Roselio (annotator). 2018-06-09. Jaime Pérez González.
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