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Title:A surprising visit to Flaviano
Documentation of Mocho’ (Mayan): Language Preservation through Community Awareness and Engagement
Contributor (consultant):Flaviano
Contributor (recorder):Roselio
Contributor (researcher):Jaime
Description:This is a series of audio-video recordings of conversations between Flaviano Juárez Mateo and Teodoso Ortíz Ramírez. We had a surprising visit to Flaviano's house, so he did not expect us that day. He was happy to see us and they had conversations about different topics through the entire visit. In the first audio-video recording MHC_FJM_y_TOR_CON_La_visita_inesperada_a_don_Flaviano-1 Flaviano and Teodoso talk about what Teodoso had been up to, and why he had not visited Flaviano. They also talk about the Consejero Mocho', the Mocho' representative. They say that it is time to elect the new Consejero Mocho', so they have to organize themselves to find the right candidate. They say they have to pick someone who is a native speaker of Mocho' because the current Consejero Mocho' is not a speaker of the language. In the second audio-video recording MHC_FJM_y_TOR_CON_La_visita_inesperada_a_don_Flaviano-2 Teodoso and Flaviano talk about Flaviano's profession (who is a medicine man), and how Flaviano cure his patients. He talks about how his ancestors used to cure, and how people do it currently. They also make jokes about doctors and patients. They also talk about how Jaime Pérez González got a ticket by the local police because he parked on the main square while he was waiting for Teodoso. They make jokes about the situation, and Teodoso says that Jaime got a discount because his son in law works in the local government. In the third audio-video recording MHC_FJM_y_TOR_CON_La_visita_inesperada_a_don_Flaviano-3 they talk about how Flaviano was invited to a consultation about indigenous communities in San Cristobal de las Casas, where the representative from the government suggested him that Mocho’ people need to organize themselves and have representation at the State level. They say that the Mocho’ representative does not speak the language, and that the government wants and likes a person who speaks the language. They name some Mocho’ speakers who can have that role in the community. They also talk about some programs and projects that the government had given to Motozintla to other non-native speakers who just take advantage of the language plight. These people had only used the monetary compensation to enrich themselves, and they have not helped to promote and teach the language. They also talk about the possibility of organizing an event for the International day of indigenous language on February 21, 2019, and they wish Jaime could be there to help them out. At the end they say they should make a list of real speakers of the Mocho’. The fourth audio-video recording MHC_FJM_y_TOR_CON_La_visita_inesperada_a_don_Flaviano-4 is a conversation about the right pronunciation of some words. The idea is to understand the allophonic variation of /b’/ between vowels and at the end of the word. The fifth audio-video recording MHC_FJM_y_TOR_CON_La_visita_inesperada_a_don_Flaviano-5 starts with a conversation about how a wake (when someone dies) used to be in comparison to the way wakes are nowadays. They also talk about the ritual they used to perform when someone dies. Their ancestors gather to help each other in these situations. They also talk about how the representatives of Casa Mocho’ do not have any respect for their ancestors because they pick anybody to be the Prioste (person in charge of running the Fiesta Mocho’). They talk about how the main priest of the community criticizes the way the fiesta Mocho’ is organized, and specially the part of praying in Spanish. The priest says that they should do it in Mocho’, and that they have to get back to the old days. In the sixth audio-video recording MHC_FJM_y_TOR_CON_La_visita_inesperada_a_don_Flaviano-6, Teodoso and Flaviano talk about people who do not speak the language. They say that in the old days even in the church the catholic priest used to give the sermon in Mocho’, and how everybody spoke Mocho’ including children at different ages. Flaviano also says that the Protestant priests prohibited the language because they say it is from the evil. Flaviano says that the difference between Catholic priests and Protestant priests is that the Catholic priests they liked the language. They also talk about how the used to use incense for their rituals, and that Mocho’ people were known as incense producers. In general they talk about people who recognize themselves as speakers, but Teodoso and Flaviano say that some of those people actually do not speak the language. Flaviano talks about shamans and their prayers with incense. In the seventh audio-video recording MHC_FJM_y_TOR_CON_La_visita_inesperada_a_don_Flaviano-7 Flaviano and Teodoso speak about the new elected Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The ritual that an indigenous person performed when he took position as the new president. They make jokes about the performance of the shaman at that event, and they laugh making jokes about what he could say. Flaviano and Teodoso also say that Obrador has said that he will help indigenous communities, so that Mocho’ people need to organize to get some assistance from the government. They say that they have to organize an event for the international day of indigenous languages February 2019. They mention who should be invited, and which communities from they should invite to bring their dancers and prayers; communities such as Union Juárez and Victoria have been participated in the previous events. Teodoso narrates how the events were organized when he was the Consejero Mocho’ (main representative of the Mocho’ community). They finalized this visit saying that they have to organize a meeting where Mocho’ people need to discuss this issues, and take advantage of the new president’s offer.
Conversation between native two native speakers of Mocho'.
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Publisher:Jaime Pérez Gonzalez
University of Texas at Austin
Mocho language
Spanish language
English language
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Citation: Flaviano (consultant); Roselio (recorder); Jaime (researcher); Jaime; Jaime (recorder); Teodoso (consultant). 2019-01-05. Jaime Pérez Gonzalez.
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