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Title:The Sand Drawing of Tengweli
The languages of northern Ambrym
Contributor (consultant):Belang Rrurr
Contributor (researcher):Michael Franjieh
Description:This is a story and sand drawing of Tengweli. Tengweli had an affair with his brother's wife. She had a tattoo and he went and drew that tattoo on the ground after he left her. His brother came and saw the drawing and knew someone had been with his wife so he called together the village and discovered it was his brother. He took him to his garden and he killed him. A few days later he took his wife there and forced her to dig up his dead brother and eat him. She ate him and ran away and pretended to throw herself off a cliff. Her husband was distraught and threw himself off the cliff. She then came home and threw up the dead brother who came back to life. File Description: This bundle contains video, audio and glossed and time-aligned transcription with English and Bislama translations in an EAF file.
Hemia wan stori blong Tengweli. Hem i go stap wetem woman blong brata blong hem. Afta hem i go droem tatu blong woman ia long graon. Brata blong hem i kambak lukim sandroing ia mo i save se wan man i bin stap wetem waef blong hem. Hem i singaot wan miting mo faenemaot se hemi brata blong hem we i mekem nogud fasin ia. Hem i singaotem hem i kam long garen mo i kilim hem mo berem. Afta i telem waef blong hem blong digimaot mo kakae brata ia. Waef i kakae Tengweli. Afta hem i ronwe mo giaman se hem i jam long kilf, be hem i no jam. Man blong hem i sori tumas mo hem i jam tu! Woman ia i kambak long haos mo troemaot Tenweli. Tengweli i laef bakagen.
Born in Fanbyak. Lives in Faramsu. Mother born in Fantobin. Father born in Fanbyak
IGS0084, IPD0216
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sand drawing
North Ambrym language
Bislama language
English language
Subject (ISO639):mmg


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Citation: Belang Rrurr (consultant); Michael Franjieh (researcher). 2010-06-01. Endangered Languages Archive.
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