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Bibliographic Citation:http://hdl.handle.net/11372/LRT-1230
Contributor:Branco, António
Silva, João
Date (W3CDTF):2014-07-30T21:28:17Z
Date Available:2014-07-30T21:28:17Z
Description:Automatic segmenter of lexemes of Portuguese. Segments text into lexically relevant tokens, using whitespace as the separator. Note that, in these examples, the | (vertical bar) symbol is used to mark the token boundaries more cleary. um exemplo → |um|exemplo| Expands contractions. Note that the first element of an expanded contraction is marked with an _ (underscore) symbol: do → |de_|o| Marks spacing around punctuation or symbols. The \* and the */ symbols indicate a space to the left and a space to the right, respectively: um, dois e três → |um|,*/|dois|e|três| 5.3 → |5|.|3| 1. 2 → |1|.*/|2| 8 . 6 → |8|\*.*/|6| Detaches clitic pronouns from the verb. The detached pronoun is marked with a - (hyphen) symbol. When in mesoclisis, a -CL- mark is used to signal the original position of the detached clitic. Additionally, possible vocalic alterations of the verb form are marked with a # (hash) symbol: dá-se-lho → |dá|-se|-lhe|-o| afirmar-se-ia → |afirmar-CL-ia|-se| vê-las → |vê#|-las| This tool also handles ambiguous strings. These are words that, depending on their particular occurrence, can be tokenized in different ways. For instance: deste → |deste| when occurring as a Verb deste → |de|este| when occurring as a contraction (Preposition + Demonstrative) This tool achieves a f-score of 99.72%.
Identifier (URI):http://hdl.handle.net/11372/LRT-1230
Language (ISO639):por
Publisher:NLX-Natural Language and Speech Group, University of Lisbon
Type (DCMI):Software


Archive:  LINDAT/CLARIN digital library at the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (ÚFAL), Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
Description:  http://www.language-archives.org/archive/lindat.mff.cuni.cz
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DateStamp:  2016-04-06
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Citation: Branco, António; Silva, João. 2014. NLX-Natural Language and Speech Group, University of Lisbon.
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