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Title:Muscogee (Creek) materials, Mary R. Haas Papers
Contributor:Anderson, Samuel
Bell, Jasper
Boas, Franz, 1858-1942
Barnett, John
Border, C. A.
Bullet, Jim
Chuleewah, Quannah, 1926-1990
Cooke, Dan
Eggan, Fred
Ewing, Peter
Davis, Lorene
Factor, Newman
Factor, Susannah, 1930-1999
Haas, Mary R. (Mary Rosamond), 1910-1996
Harwell, Delores
Harwell, Henry
Hill, James H.
Kelly, Ned
Late, Johnson
Macintosh, Bunny
Martin, Jack B.
Marshall, Jim
Munro, Pamela
Oppler, Morris E.
Oppler, Catherine
Perdue, Theda
Rankin, Robert Louis, 1939-
Raiford, Arthur E.
Red, Tom
Riste, Victor
Sam, Watt
Scott, Nonnie
Starr, Don
Sturtevant, William C.
Sulphur, Alex
Tauyan, Ollie
Tauyan, Wesley
Taylor, Lyda Averill Paz
Thompson, John
Tiger, Johnson, Mrs.
Tiger, Tom
Timothy, Sandy
Toney, John
Walker, Amelia Bell
Description: The Muscogee (Creek) materials in the Mary R. Haas Papers are extensive, with materials found in most sections of the collection. In Series I, see especially the correspondence with professional colleagues such as Franz Boas, Jack Martin, William Sturtevant, and others regarding the Muscogee language, as well as correspondence with her Muscogee-speaking consultants, such as James Hill and Watt Sam. Other relevant letters in Series 1 include a "Creek language" subject heading listed with the item. The most extensive amount of material can be found in the "Creek" section of Series 2. This section contains 10 boxes of material. Prominent materials in this section include Haas's original 22 field notebooks, containing vocabulary elicitation, stories, and accompanying notes, recorded in 1941 in Eufaula, Oklahoma, Nonnie Scott, Arthur E. Raiford, James Hill, Jim Marshall, Jim Bullet, Don Starr, Peter Ewing, John Toney, Tom Tiger, Wesley Tauyan, Ollie Tauyan, John Thompson, Tom Red, Johnson Late, and Dan Cooke, plus others only identified with initials; 6 notebooks by James Hill, writing in the Mvskoke writing system, containing stories; Victor Riste's 4 field notebooks from 1931, containing stories and elicited vocabulary with multiple consultants listed; various linguistic notes and other materials derived from the above-listed notebooks; pedagogical materials for Muscogee language learning; a range materials on Muscogee (Creek) history; and more. Series 3 contains a small number of items labelled "Creek." In Series 9, there is additional extensive files linguistic material in the form of lexicons and grammatical notes, as well as ethnographic notes. Some Creek terms are also included in files comparing it with other languages. Lastly, in Series 10, there is a brief "Creek Texts" audio recording from the 1970s, as well as "Creek Text and Conversation" with Watt Sam and Nancy Raven in 1931.
Extent:7 linear feet
Language (ISO639):mus
Spatial Coverage:Eufaula
Type:Field notebooks
Type (DCMI):Sound
Type (OLAC):lexicon


Archive:  Indigenous Materials at the American Philosophical Society
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Citation: Anderson, Samuel; Bell, Jasper; Boas, Franz, 1858-1942; Barnett, John; Border, C. A.; Bullet, Jim; Chuleewah, Quannah, 1926-1990; Cooke, Dan; Eggan, Fred; Ewing, Peter; Davis, Lorene; Factor, Newman; Factor, Susannah, 1930-1999; Haas, Mary R. (Mary Rosamond), 1910-1996; Harwell, Delores; Harwell, Henry; Hill, James H.; Kelly, Ned; Late, Johnson; Macintosh, Bunny; Martin, Jack B.; Marshall, Jim; Munro, Pamela; Oppler, Morris E.; Oppler, Catherine; Perdue, Theda; Rankin, Robert Louis, 1939-; Raiford, Arthur E.; Red, Tom; Riste, Victor; Sam, Watt; Scott, Nonnie; Starr, Don; Sturtevant, William C.; Sulphur, Alex; Tauyan, Ollie; Tauyan, Wesley; Taylor, Lyda Averill Paz; Thompson, John; Tiger, Johnson, Mrs.; Tiger, Tom; Timothy, Sandy; Toney, John; Walker, Amelia Bell. 1930s-1970s. Indigenous Materials at the American Philosophical Society.
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