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Title:Seneca materials, Ely Samuel Parker Papers
Contributor:Parker, Ely Samuel, 1828-1895
Wright, Laura M. (Laura Maria), 1809-1886
Wright, Asher, 1803-1875
Porter, Charles T. (Charles Talbot), 1826-1910
Shanks, Isaac
Parker, Nicholson H.
Allen, Orlando, 1803-1874
Wilcox, Henry P.
Stryker, James, 1792-1864
Potter, Herman B.
Angel, W. P.
Brown, William Linn
Crawford, T. Hartly
Fellows, Joseph, 1782-1873
Howe, Chester
Jimerson, Samuel
Moseley, William A.
Parker, Caroline, -1892
Schermerhorn, J. F. (John Freeman), 1786-1851
Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864
Two Guns
Harris, Thompson S.
Avery, C. P. (Charles Pumpelly), 1817-1872
Cadwallader, Sylvanus, 1825 or 1826-
Flagler, Henry Morrison, 1830-1913
Hosmer, William H. C. (William Howe Cuyler), 1814-1877
Lapham, Elbridge Gerry, 1814-1890
Morgan, Lewis Henry, 1818-1881
Parker, Arthur Caswell, 1881-1955
Parker, Levi
Parker, Spencer Cone
Parker, William H.
Parker, Elizabeth
Pierce, Daniel W.
Pringle, Benjamin, 1807-1887
Warren, N. S.
Warren, R. B.
Wilson, Peter
Martindale, J. H. (John Henry), 1815-1881
Bronson, Greene C. (Greene Carrier), 1789-1863
Bryan, William G.
Follett, Frederick, 1804-1891
Bouck, William C., 1786-1859
Conrad, Charles Magill, 1804-1878
Cunningham, H. S.
Dole, William P., approximately 1818-1889
Fisk, John
Harlin, D. M.
Hinton, Charles Lewis, 1793-1861
Johnson, Marcus H.
Paine, N. E.
Verplanck, Isaac A.
Manypenny, George Washington, 1809-1893
Mix, Charles E.
Moore, F. H.
Moses, William
Palfrey, John Gorham, 1796-1881
Parker, Samuel, 1779-1866
Shankland, Robert H.
Washburn, C. T.
Jemison, Chauncy C.
Parker, Newton
Parsons, Sylvester
Salisbury, James Henry, 1823-1905
M. Stagers and Co.
Van Horn, Burt, 1823-1896
Two Guns, Henry
Edwards, Howard, 1833-1925?
John, Andrew
Blacksmith, John
Johnson, James
Marshall, O. H. (Orsamus Holmes), 1813-1884
Doctor, Isaac
Wright, Silas, 1795-1847
Thompson, Jacob, 1810-1885
Dole, Benjamin
Description: A Sachem and Civil War adjutant to Ulysses Grant, Ely Samuel Parker was an important figure in the Seneca Indian nation during the first half of the nineteenth century. Trained as an engineer, Parker was deeply involved in the Senecas' land disputes with the Ogden Land Company and he played an important role in interpreting Seneca culture for a white audience, most notably as a consultant for Lewis Henry Morgan. Collected by Arthur C. Parker, the Ely Samuel Parker Papers include correspondence, manuscripts, and printed materials relating primarily to Seneca affairs, history, language, and culture, as well as politics, education, engineering, and the Civil War. Several letters relate to Parker's service as engineer of public buildings in Galena, Illinois, and to his Masonic activities. Among the noteworthy items in the collection are several essays on Seneca history and culture, a fragment of Parker's diary, 1847, and a significant quantity of material on the Seneca language assembled by Asher Wright. Rich in information on Seneca history, culture, and language and on Parker's varied activities in both the Indian and white worlds, the collection is a major resource for examining the land and political struggles of the Seneca nation during the 1840s and early 1850s. Comprised of a mix of personal and professional correspondence augmented by a smaller quantity of printed materials, notes, and manuscripts, the collection is richest for the period 1845-1860, with only a few letters pertaining to Parker's Civil War service, and even fewer for the post-war period.
Extent:367 items
Language (ISO639):see
Spatial Coverage:Tonawanda
Land claims
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
Government relations
Land tenure
Politics and government
United States--History--War of 1812
Economic conditions
Military service
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Citation: Parker, Ely Samuel, 1828-1895; Wright, Laura M. (Laura Maria), 1809-1886; Wright, Asher, 1803-1875; Porter, Charles T. (Charles Talbot), 1826-1910; Shanks, Isaac; Parker, Nicholson H.; Allen, Orlando, 1803-1874; Wilcox, Henry P.; Stryker, James, 1792-1864; Potter, Herman B.; Angel, W. P.; Brown, William Linn; Crawford, T. Hartly; Fellows, Joseph, 1782-1873; Howe, Chester; Jimerson, Samuel; Moseley, William A.; Parker, Caroline, -1892; Schermerhorn, J. F. (John Freeman), 1786-1851; Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864; Two Guns; Harris, Thompson S.; Avery, C. P. (Charles Pumpelly), 1817-1872; Cadwallader, Sylvanus, 1825 or 1826-; Flagler, Henry Morrison, 1830-1913; Hosmer, William H. C. (William Howe Cuyler), 1814-1877; Lapham, Elbridge Gerry, 1814-1890; Morgan, Lewis Henry, 1818-1881; Parker, Arthur Caswell, 1881-1955; Parker, Levi; Parker, Spencer Cone; Parker, William H.; Parker, Elizabeth; Pierce, Daniel W.; Pringle, Benjamin, 1807-1887; Warren, N. S.; Warren, R. B.; Wilson, Peter; Martindale, J. H. (John Henry), 1815-1881; Bronson, Greene C. (Greene Carrier), 1789-1863; Bryan, William G.; Follett, Frederick, 1804-1891; Bouck, William C., 1786-1859; Conrad, Charles Magill, 1804-1878; Cunningham, H. S.; Dole, William P., approximately 1818-1889; Fisk, John; Harlin, D. M.; Hinton, Charles Lewis, 1793-1861; Johnson, Marcus H.; Paine, N. E.; Verplanck, Isaac A.; Manypenny, George Washington, 1809-1893; Mix, Charles E.; Moore, F. H.; Moses, William; Palfrey, John Gorham, 1796-1881; Parker, Samuel, 1779-1866; Shankland, Robert H.; Washburn, C. T.; Jemison, Chauncy C.; Parker, Newton; Parsons, Sylvester; Salisbury, James Henry, 1823-1905; M. Stagers and Co.; Van Horn, Burt, 1823-1896; Two Guns, Henry; Edwards, Howard, 1833-1925?; John, Andrew; Blacksmith, John; Johnson, James; Marshall, O. H. (Orsamus Holmes), 1813-1884; Doctor, Isaac; Wright, Silas, 1795-1847; Thompson, Jacob, 1810-1885; Dole, Benjamin. 1794-1931. Indigenous Materials at the American Philosophical Society.
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