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Title:Exploratory vocabulary collection session (speaker M28; Labai dialect)
Access Rights:Freely accessible
Alternative Title:Séance exploratoire d'enquête de vocabulaire
Conforms To (URI):oai:crdo.vjf.cnrs.fr:cocoon-49aefa90-8c1f-3ba8-a099-0ebefc6a2aa7
Contributor (depositor):Michaud, Alexis
Contributor (interviewer):Michaud, Alexis
Contributor (recorder):Michaud, Alexis
Contributor (researcher):Michaud, Alexis
Contributor (speaker):Lamu, Gatusa
Shi, Gaofeng
lɑ˧mbv˧ kɤ˧tʰv˥sɑ˥
Date Available (W3CDTF):2013-09-22
Date Issued (W3CDTF):2013-09-22T18:01:01+02:00
Date Modified (W3CDTF):2018-04-10T18:33:15+02:00
Description:Work with Lamu Gatusa only extended over two sessions, on August 11th and August 12th, 2009. The second session was recorded. This is an exploratory elicitation session: the items were transcribed as they were being said; the speaker and the investigator discussed in Chinese over the meaning of words, cases of homophony, issues of transcription, and so on. The purpose was to devise a first version of a transcription system in the International Phonetic Alphabet, which Mr. Lamu would then use (and develop further) for transcribing Na stories, proverbs and rituals and preparing annotated bilingual editions. A note about Mr. Lamu Gatusa's name: his name in Na is /lɑ˧mbv˧ kɤ˧tʰv˥sɑ˥/. The phonetic approximation of this Na name in Mandarin Chinese is Lamu Gatusa (Chinese characters: 拉木•嘎吐萨). His pen-name is 石高峰: Shi Gaofeng.
Format (IMT):text/xml
Identifier:Ancienne cote: crdo-NRU_M28_VOCABULARY
Identifier (URI):https://cocoon.huma-num.fr/exist/crdo/meta/cocoon-fa48111e-beb6-3b2c-9a06-73412684db1c
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Language:Mandarin Chinese
Narua; Labai dialect of Yongning Na
Language (ISO639):cmn
License (URI):http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/
Publisher:Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale
Replaces (URI):http://purl.org/net/crdo/data/cocoon-fa48111e-beb6-3b2c-9a06-73412684db1c.version1
Requires (URI):oai:crdo.vjf.cnrs.fr:cocoon-fe9c5676-8e6f-3872-984d-2c37465f6539
Rights:Copyright (c) Michaud, Alexis
Subject:Narua language
Yongning Na
Subject (ISO639):nru
Type (DCMI):Text
Type (OLAC):lexicon


Archive:  COllections de COrpus Oraux Numeriques (CoCoON ex-CRDO)
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DateStamp:  2020-09-08
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Citation: Michaud, Alexis (depositor); Michaud, Alexis (researcher); Lamu, Gatusa (speaker); Shi, Gaofeng (speaker); lɑ˧mbv˧ kɤ˧tʰv˥sɑ˥ (speaker); 拉木•嘎吐萨 (speaker); 石高峰 (speaker); Michaud, Alexis (recorder); Michaud, Alexis (interviewer). 2013. Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale.
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