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Title:Gapkhim – Ngoyo Shi
Contributor (compiler):Stephen Morey
Gapkhim Mossang
Contributor (consultant):Wanglung Mossang
Date Created:2017-01-05
Description:Five recordings in which Mr Gapkhim and Mr Wanglung sings and explains the Ngoyo Shi song. This consists of 2 video files and 3 sound files: nst-mos_20170105_03_SM_JVC_Gapkhim_NgocyoxShic nst-mos_20170105_04_SM_JVC_Gapkhim_NgocyoxShic nst-mos_20170105_05_SM_H5_Gapkhim_NgocyoxShic nst-mos_20170105_06_SM_H5_Gapkhim_AboutNgocyoxShic nst-mos_20170114_11_SM_H5_NgoyoShiExplanation The details of these recordings are as follows: nst-mos_20170105_03_SM_JVC_Gapkhim_NgocyoxShic_Duration 13’54”, Ngocyox Shi (Pulxpuic shic), also recorded as the first part of nst-mos_20170105_05_SM_H5_Gapkhim_NgocyoxShic nst-mos_20170105_04_SM_JVC_Gapkhim_NgocyoxShic_Duration 6’56”, Ngocyox Shi (continued), also recorded as the second part of nst-mos_20170105_05_SM_H5_Gapkhim_NgocyoxShic nst-mos_20170105_05_SM_H5_Gapkhim_NgocyoxShic_Duration 21’14”, Ngoyo Shi (Pulxpuic shic) – he gave the names of six flowers; 0’20” song commences; 18’35” is the section relating to the flutes laxpax juix ‘flutes’. Also recorded as nst-mos_20170105_03_SM_JVC_Gapkhim_NgocyoxShic and nst-mos_20170105_04_SM_JVC_Gapkhim_NgocyoxShic nst-mos_20170105_06_SM_H5_Gapkhim_AboutNgocyoxShic_Duration 2’11”, About the Pulxpuic Shic (nst-mos_20170102_05_SM_H5_Gapkhim_NgocyoxShic) , in which he narrated that all the human beings originated in one place which is Shingxrax pumx, where God created also all the flowers, all the birds were chirping there and all the human beings enjoyed there. Next step, he will say – now I will change my topic – the second part related to the distribution of beauty from the tree (see nst-mos_20161229_01_SM_H5_Wanglung_AboutSongs first recording), it relates to all the flowers that bloom in the place where the humans came from. 1’50” He lists the different sections of this song. Shvmxhvlc Puic (kvmuinz pulxpuic ‘is a flower’); Pulxphvnx Puic, Ruktaungc puic, Tsuimxralz puic, Menx Puic, Tsungxtuimz puic. Of these the first three are not in existence, but the last three are in existence. nst-mos_20170114_11_SM_H5_NgoyoShiExplanation_Duration 9’34”, Explaining the earlier story; all the people originated in (1) Shingra Pum, from there after creating, maybe in a shapeless form, neither very beautiful, nor ugly; then almighty God decided to give shape This is shvmxhvlc pulxpuic jungx (tree). (2) Pulxphvnx Puic – here he appears to have sung only that we go and compete with each other, who would go and get each branch; so we come there and we compete, as to which person gets the better flower; competition song (3) Ruktaungc puic – did not explain nicely (4) Tsuimxralz puic. it is in existence, in the very hilly area – he expressed in the song that it is edible, [further discussion about the location of the Shingra Pum, is it in China, Burma &c] (5) Menx Puic (can’t remember) - orchid (6) Tsungxtuimz puic – also in existence In general the Ngoyo Shic is about daily life, but this one was a kind of song detailing the movement of people.
Identifier (URI):https://hdl.handle.net/1839/f0171822-f244-4baf-9c72-68a9014da485
Is Part Of:DoBeS archive : Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India
Tase Naga; Tangsa - Moshang variety (general name Mossang)
Language (ISO639):eng
Publisher:The Language Archive, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Subject:English language
Tase Naga language
Tangsa - Moshang variety (general name Mossang)
Subject (ISO639):eng
Type (DCMI):Sound


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Citation: Stephen Morey (compiler); Wanglung Mossang (consultant); Gapkhim Mossang (compiler). 2017-01-05. DoBeS archive : Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India.
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