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Title:Phulim – Jealousy Stories
Contributor (compiler):Stephen Morey
Contributor (consultant):Phulim Hakhun
Khithung Hakhun
Date Created:2009-12-19
Description:One recording in which Mr Phulim Hakhun, and Mr Khithung Hakhun tell Jealousy stories. This consists of one sound file: SDM23-20091219-03_SM_T_Phulim_JealousyStories The details of this recording are as follows: SDM23-20091219-03_SM_T_Phulim_JealousyStories_Duration 13’40”; Two stories. The first one is about a misunderstanding between two brothers. There were two brothers, the younger one (Do³Pong²) had a wife and the elder (Do³Voeng¹) did not, due to this there was some jealousy. So the older brother took him to the river; they made a box like a coffin, and the elder put the younger in the coffin and set him adrift in the river. Downstream there was a spirit (jube) who saw the coffin – at that time the jube was like a himan being. The jube took him out of the coffin still alive. The jube gave him a khuli khuphuk (helmet) with pig teeth, hornbill feather &c. He wore that and came back home. When DoVoeng saw this, he liked the khuli khuphuk very much, and wanted it. DoVoeng told him, lets go and get it – I found it on the way and he made a trap in the jungle where he put spears and so on to catch and kill DoVoeng. DoPung said he would throw a spear and DoVoeng could just run and grab the khuli khuphuk but instead he was trapped and killed – from there misunderstanding came up between brothers. 6’37” a story about two sisters. Their names are not mentioned. They had a father, and then the younger one loved her father, but the older one was careless about caring for her father. There was a kind of precious decoration a fruit called lyik¹. In the story there is a similar fruit called sam¹so³ri¹. The father was very fond of eating samsori, and would pass it when going to the latrine. So the second daughter would collect a lot of samsori from the father’s excrement; daily she collected this, and then there became a great pile of it, so she put it on a rope – made a necklace. This was very popular with the people and because of that the older sister took her to the river bank, where there would be ropes or vines hanging from trees that the girls would swing in. The elder sister said, “sister, you swing first”, saying this because she wanted to get the samsori necklace. The younger one, however, refused and asked the older to go first. The older one said, “if I go first you cannot hold me when you are swinging, so you should go first”. Then the younger one took off all her clothes and bangles and ornaments and started swinging alone, and then the older one starting dressing herself in the younger sister’s bangles and necklace &c. The younger one said “I’m getting tired, I’m about to fall, catch me”, but the older one was too involved in wearing these things. So the younger one got tired, fell in the river and died.
Identifier (URI):https://hdl.handle.net/1839/cc922c5e-4e38-4bfa-9058-d46e979aab6a
Is Part Of:DoBeS archive : Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India
Language:Tase Naga; Tangsa - Hakhun variety
Language (ISO639):nst
Publisher:The Language Archive, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Subject:Tase Naga language
Tangsa - Hakhun variety
Subject (ISO639):nst
Type (DCMI):Sound


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Citation: Stephen Morey (compiler); Phulim Hakhun (consultant); Khithung Hakhun (consultant). 2009-12-19. DoBeS archive : Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India.
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