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Title:Komdai – Phungtusi song
Contributor (compiler):Khithung Hakhun
Contributor (consultant):Komdai Hakhun
Hakhun Noknyu
Date Created:2011-09-28
Description:Fifteen recordings in Khithong Hakhun and Komdai sing the phungtusi, a song. These consist of the following sound files: SDM23-20110928-01_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi1.wav SDM23-20110928-02_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi2.wav SDM23-20110928-03_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi3.wav SDM23-20110928-04_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi4.wav SDM23-20110928-05_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi5.wav SDM23-20110928-06_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi6.wav SDM23-20110928-07_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi7.wav SDM23-20110928-08_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi8.wav SDM23-20110928-09_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi9.wav SDM23-20110928-10_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi10.wav SDM23-20110928-11_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi11.wav SDM23-20110928-12_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi12.wav SDM23-20110928-13_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi13.wav SDM23-20110928-14_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi14.wav SDM23-20110928-15_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi15.wav The details of these recordings are as follows: SDM23-20110928-01_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi1.wav; Duration 1’47”; Khithong asking Komdai to sing the phungtusi, a song telling the story of the Hakhun migration from Mongolia to Lungthum Selum. (lungthum ‘stone used for pounding rice’) selum (‘first rays of the sun’). Komdai explains a little about the song. This recording and the following recordings of the Phungtusi were made through the night of 28/9 to 29/9, commencing at 8pm and continuing until around 2am. SDM23-20110928-02_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi2.wav; Duration 8’34”; Phungtusi. (Khithong paused the recorder every time the singer stops). In this section he is talking about Lungthum Selum. It says that Hakhun people are living there and they are placing the village there, and from that village they have started performing the cultural songs and so on that they had brought from Mongolia. 1’30” They have brought rice, salt and other things from one place to another. 1’50” Wahoting is one of the places that they settled before reaching to Lungthum Selum. This section of the song contains some repetition. SDM23-20110928-03_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi3.wav; Duration 3’58”; Phungtusi (continuation). This section relates to the family, addressed to the wife “the family is under your care, you should look after them” SDM23-20110928-04_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi4.wav; Duration 4’47”; Phungtusi (continuation). In this section he is talking about other villages, about guests, and the need to look after them. SDM23-20110928-05_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi5.wav; Duration 5’32”; Phungtusi (continuation). In this section, he is saying “in every place where you work, don’t get tired. If you get tired, you should rest.” haqwihaq is the name of a place SDM23-20110928-06_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi6.wav; Duration 4’02”; Phungtusi (continuation). In this section, he is talking about Rakhi kwesilum, the name of a place where they stopped on the way/ SDM23-20110928-07_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi7.wav; Duration 3’59”; Phungtusi (continuation). In this section, he is saying that they have crossed over every corner and every hill (haqhu ripre) and crossed all the plains (polung); and along the way they entertained many guests (keqse) SDM23-20110928-08_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi8.wav; Duration 3’07”; Phungtusi (continuation). In this section, Lungthum Selum is reached SDM23-20110928-09_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi9.wav; Duration 2’05”; Phungtusi (continuation). In this section, he sings about staying in Lungthum Selum and about counting the months and the days SDM23-20110928-10_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi10.wav; Duration 2’00”; Phungtusi (continuation). In this section, he sings about limvoe va and kamvoe va – the traditional leaders of the village. (Khithong Hakhun is a member of the limvoe va clan). SDM23-20110928-11_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi11.wav; Duration 1’48”; Phungtusi (continuation). In this section, he sings about sero dungrip noe ‘every day the sun is rising’ phuto ‘friends, brothers’. This section is also about gathering firewood and other activities for everyday life/. SDM23-20110928-12_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi12.wav; Duration 8’37”; Phungtusi (continuation). In this section, he sings about the household (himtu). He sings about a bird, the waphi, who cleans the ground to prepare and nest, and the waro ngemwa, another bird who prepares a nest, so he asks why can’t human beings prepare their houses in the same way. SDM23-20110928-13_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi13.wav; Duration 0’49”; Phungtusi (continuation). In this section, he sings about the pig khowue ‘pig’ pongwue ‘hen’. And then the song finished SDM23-20110928-14_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi14.wav; Duration 13’43”; Phungtusi (continuation). In this section, he sings about kuqnyu mwenyu boehwe haq ‘festivals’ that occur at khwen pho lumthing ‘Hakhun place’ SDM23-20110928-15_KH_ZQ3_Komdai_Phungtusi15.wav; Duration 16’10”; Phungtusi (continuation). In this section, he sings about how the wife knows the boundary of her own fields.
Identifier (URI):https://hdl.handle.net/1839/640ab951-15b3-40af-876d-f61b40bea95a
Is Part Of:DoBeS archive : Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India
Language:Tase Naga; Tangsa - Hakhun variety
Language (ISO639):nst
Publisher:The Language Archive, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Subject:Tase Naga language
Tangsa - Hakhun variety
Subject (ISO639):nst
Type (DCMI):Sound


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Citation: Khithung Hakhun (compiler); Komdai Hakhun (consultant). 2011-09-28. DoBeS archive : Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India.
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