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Title:Ninshom – Grammatical Recordings (February 2014)
Contributor (compiler):Stephen Morey
Ninshom Chena
Date Created:2014-02-24
Description:Fifteen recordings in which Mr Ninshom Chena demonstrates Chamchang grammatical features. This includes the following sound files: nst-kim_20140224_01_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar nst-kim_20140224_02_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar nst-kim_20140224_03_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar nst-kim_20140224_04_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar nst-kim_20140224_13_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar nst-kim_20140224_14_SM_H4n_Ninshom_LongAndShortAVowels nst-kim_20140225_09_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Vowels nst-kim_20140225_10_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Vowels nst-kim_20140225_11_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Vowels nst-kim_20140227_08_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar nst-kim_20140227_09_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar nst-kim_20140227_10_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar nst-kim_20140227_11_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar nst-kim_20140227_12_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar nst-kim_20140228_01_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar The details of these recordings are as follows: nst-kim_20140224_01_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar_Duration 1’34", Discussion about the word niif ‘yonder, long back’ and niif ‘that’ nst-kim_20140224_02_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar_Duration 1’11”, Discussion about the word niif ‘yonder, long back’ and niif ‘that’ nst-kim_20140224_03_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar_Duration 0’33”, Discussion of awax ‘arrived’, past tense on low tone and awaf ‘going’ nst-kim_20140224_04_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar_Duration 0‘24”, More discussion of awa nst-kim_20140224_13_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar_Duration 1’28”, Mid tone of awa is used in questions awa shex sha ‘are you going’. awa on a mid tone also means a ‘handle’ nst-kim_20140224_14_SM_H4n_Ninshom_LongAndShortAVowels_Duration 4’04”, Discussion of the agentive raq, the possessive riif and possession. nst-kim_20140225_09_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Vowels_Duration 2’05”, Discussion of /a/ ~ /aa/ contrasts, words supplied by Kham Lann and recorded by Ninshom. nst-kim_20140225_10_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Vowels_Duration 0’48”, contrast in the vowel of na ‘at’ and ka ‘this’ nst-kim_20140225_11_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Vowels_Duration 0’20”, the word kata – possible vowel contrast nst-kim_20140227_08_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar_Duration 1’13”, distinction between Changphoq ‘singpho’ and ala(a)q ‘forget’ nst-kim_20140227_09_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar_Duration 3‘56”, the phrase naxshiq ma ‘for us’ where ma was described as between mid and high tone. It has a very clear front vowel. nst-kim_20140227_10_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar_Duration 1’06”, minimal pairs from Bynn Kham Lann /laamz/ 'to take or to get' /lamz/ 'to submerge by water' /liimz/ 'to cook(traditionally) any kind of leaves like tea leaves' /kaam/ 'belief or to believe' /kam/ 'precipice or short form for money (kamphaw)' /kiim/ 'go between (kiimvez), emissary, postman' /khaam/ 'water' /kham/ 'kind of bird (vuzkham)' /khiim/ 'to eat (when someone wants to insult him or her)' /yaam/ 'variant of what (yaa), eg. yaamlai vaf ? or yaalai vaf ?' /yam/ 'house' /yiim/ 'to die in a group' I mean not only one person nst-kim_20140227_11_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar_Duration 3’16”, /raam/ 'otter (taraam)' /ram/ 'sweet' /riim/ 'rotten, like a log’ /shaam/ 'figure' /sham/ 'to hold or work' /shiim/ 'to walk (khumshiim)' nst-kim_20140227_12_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar_Duration 6’42”, Tones of agreement markers. The 1st person past is always high asn kangf, and 1st person plural ha is always mid tone except following wa ‘go up’ nst-kim_20140228_01_SM_H4n_Ninshom_Grammar_Duration 0’25”, The phrase shedongf waf wax-kaif ‘we came from the east’
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Is Part Of:DoBeS archive : Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India
Tase Naga; Tangsa - Chamchang variety (general name Kimsing)
Language (ISO639):eng
Publisher:The Language Archive, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Subject:English language
Tase Naga language
Tangsa - Chamchang variety (general name Kimsing)
Subject (ISO639):eng
Type (DCMI):Sound


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Citation: Stephen Morey (compiler); Ninshom Chena (compiler). 2014-02-24. DoBeS archive : Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India.
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