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Title:Tchangtip_ Creation Story
Tchangtip_Creation Story
Contributor (compiler):Stephen Morey
Contributor (consultant):Tchangtit Yanchang
Date Created:2012-11-04
Description:Two recordings in which Mr Tchangtit Yanchang tells the Creation story. This consists of two video files: nst-muk_20121104_01_SM_JVC_Tchangtit_CreationStory1 nst-muk_20121104_03_SM_JVC_Tchangtit_CreationStory2 The details of these recordings are as follows: nst-muk_20121104_01_SM_JVC_Tchangtit_CreationStory1_Duration 12’08”, Story of the origin of fire, which was obtained from the monkey. At that time humans lived with animals in the forest and did not have any of the things that we now have. The way of house construction was obtained from the nest of the birds. One month after getting fire, there was an argument between the water and the fire and the water quenched the fire and the humans lost it. The second time they got it from the tiger. Tiger order that they keep their eyes closed, but one human kept open secretly and looked and saw that fire was produced by rubbing two pieces of wood with thread. Another was of producing a fire was got from one animal, the flying cat, and this is to produce fire by rubbing stones together. Previously humans had wings and they got fire by exchanging their wings with the flying cat who gave them fire. After getting fire all of the animals went away from the humans, and the humans settled themselves separately. Those humans then got given grain and dogs and himwo ‘domestic fowl’, which is to identify the morning and night. The name of the God who gave these things was Chengwa. He finishes by saying, bat-ta-phang ‘I have told you’ . nst-muk_20121104_03_SM_JVC_Tchangtit_CreationStory2_Duration 10’33”, Continuation of the story of the development of humans, from two recordings previously. After humans and animals got separated, the human made a marriage with a girl from heaven, but the girl’s way of eating and living was different. She used to eat only the eyes of humans. They eyes were sent from the girls parents and she would eat those, but when there was a shortage she took out her husband’s eye one day with a knife given by her parents. When she tried to remove her husband’s eyes with a knife, her husband got up and bit her to death. Now the girl’s family took revenge. At that time heaven and earth were near to each other, and the girl’s parents asked for compensation for their daughter’s life, they demanded some kind of life in return. Then that husband replied that he would collect the material for that compensation but instead of giving valuable things, he collected dried leaves and other inflammable things and filled up under the house. Then he invited the girl’s parents and they came down into that house and then he immediately set fire to the house from under the house; the house got burned and the parents and all the relatives were killed. Only one survived, who escaped via a thread thrown from above. Up in heaven people took revenge, all the relatives, came down again to the earth and found only one family where there was a small girl and boy (brother and sister) without parents were advised that a big stone will be showered after some time. Along with that knife, they were given a cock and a wild bird and with these things they can survive the destruction. So only these orphan children survived. They told them that with the knife they can excavate under the bamboo tree, and remain inside there with the cock while everyone is destroyed. The wild bird remained outside. Then the showering of the stone came and the wild bird gave signal to the children when it was safe to come out. There would be no day and night inside the cave under the bamboo, but the cock would give them the signal of day or night. Dr. Changmi added that “Humans were given medicinal plants, but people did not care for it and animals destroyed it by eating it away, and so there was nothing left for the treatment of human suffering. When they asked to the sky (Chengwa) and he replied that you will have to sacrifice animals for curing and healing of the sick.” This portion was not recorded
Identifier (URI):https://hdl.handle.net/1839/34860c79-e75a-499a-b022-33d4af6baeef
Is Part Of:DoBeS archive : Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India
Language:Tase Naga; Tangsa - Muklom variety (general name Moklum)
Language (ISO639):nst
Publisher:The Language Archive, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Subject:Tase Naga language
Tangsa - Muklom variety (general name Moklum)
Subject (ISO639):nst
Type (DCMI):MovingImage


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Citation: Tchangtit Yanchang (consultant); Stephen Morey (compiler). 2012-11-04. DoBeS archive : Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India.
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