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Title:Sentum – grammatical recordings
Contributor (compiler):Jürgen Schöpf
Contributor (consultant):Sentum Ronrang
Description:Three recordings in which Sentum Ronrang gives some information on grammar. These consist of the following sound files: SDM25-20100121-204938_JS_E_Sentum_Classifiers.wav SDM25-20100121-211205_JS_E_Sentum_Reciprocals.wav SDM25-20100122-194823_JS_E_SentumTones.wav The details of these recordings are as follows: SDM25-20100121-204938_JS_E_Sentum_Classifiers.wav; Duration 2’07”; Classifiers SDM25-20100121-211205_JS_E_Sentum_Reciprocals.wav; Duration 2’18”; Discussion of the ¬rv- form (reciprocal) in Rera, with reference to the text SDM25-20100119-105905_JS_E_Jorong_HistoryExplanation.wav at about 17’00” SDM25-20100122-194823_JS_E_SentumTones.wav; Duration 6’06”; About the tones of Rera; wan ‘raft’, ‘fire’, ‘reap (paddy). The tonal distinction of wan ‘raft’ and wan ‘fire’ was demonstrated in a context from 1’25” (the English sentences meant ‘we are sitting by the fire’ ~ ‘we are sitting on the boat’). The tones of the content words may also affect the tones of the following grammatical word jeh ‘at’. The tones of nga ‘buffalo’ and ‘I’ were then discussed.
Identifier (URI):https://hdl.handle.net/1839/00-0000-0000-0017-C479-3
Is Part Of:DoBeS archive : Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India
Language:Tase Naga; Tangsa - Rera variety (general name Ronrang)
Language (ISO639):nst
Publisher:The Language Archive, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Subject:Tase Naga language
Tangsa - Rera variety (general name Ronrang)
Subject (ISO639):nst


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Citation: Sentum Ronrang (consultant); Jürgen Schöpf (compiler). n.d. DoBeS archive : Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India.
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