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Title:Audio cassette 3 2002
Documentation of Vurës
Contributor:Catriona Malau
Contributor (recorder):Catriona Malau
Contributor (speaker):Roy Wutot Lomegev Kipe
Jimmy Brown
Noris Meneg Qiat
Doran Rörösōq
Hosea Waras
Drusila Winne
Description:Audio recordings of various genres, originally recorded on audio cassette. 6 individual sessions, all transcribed, translated, and glossed in Toolbox. 3A DNS 12:42 check tape Doran Rörösōq Vētuboso Story (introduced, not traditional) about a hermit crab and a barracuda. The hermit crab tells the barracuda that it can go faster, and when the barracuda is disbelieving, the hermit crab challenges it to a race around the circumference of the island. The hermit crab posts its friends around the island, so that as the barracuda swims around, each time it looks to the shore, there is a hermit crab, up ahead. The hermit crab just stays at the starting point, and when the barracuda finally gets back to that point, it is exhausted and dies on the sand. The hermit crab then calls together all the other hermit crabs and they have a party and eat the barracuda. -- 3A HWM 12:56 22.06.02 Hosea Waras Vētuboso (Rëwöt) Traditional story about two orphan brothers, Wöwut and Mōdō. Before their parents died, they told them to make sure that they maintained their food gardens. They didn't, and when they had no food left, no-one would feed them so they had to eat food scraps. Finally they met a young woman, M̄eter, who took pity on them and invited them home. However she wanted to be the older brother, Wöwut's wife and she made him take Mōdō out with the pigs. He fed Mōdō food scraps, but he died and M̄eter and Wöwut lived together. -- 3A NBQ 03:14 Noris Meneg Qiat Vētuboso Procedural text describing how to bake taro in a stone oven. -- 3A RKM 03:14 15.06.02 Roy Kipe Vētuboso Narrative about making a traditional marriage ceremony. -- 3B JMT 17:58 Jimmy Brown Vētuboso Traditional story about a fish-boy, Mes Tuvun. An only child saw a fish in a pool by the sea and she told her parents that she wanted to take it to be her brother, so they took it home. The two of them went shooting fish and Mes Tuvun caught lots but the girl didn't catch any. They then argued over who should carry the fish, and when Mes Tuvun won, the girl told him to go back to the sea because he wasn't really her parents' child. The next day they went shooting again and Mes Tuvun ran back into the sea. The girl was sorry and tried to make him come back but he wouldn't. -- 3B DDL 01:46 25.06.02 Drusila Winne Vētuboso Narrative about an average day in the speaker's life -- All transcribed, time-aligned, translated and glossed.
Catriona Malau (collector), Catriona Hyslop (recorder), Roy Wutot Lomegev Kipe (speaker), Jimmy Brown (speaker), Noris Meneg Qiat (speaker), Doran Rörösōq (speaker), Hosea Waras (speaker), Drusila Winne (speaker), 2002; Vurës, MPEG/XML/X-WAV/PLAIN, 2015-11-24.
Collection of 11 audio tapes and 4 MDs containing recordings of various Vurës speakers. Most of these recordings have a transcript, and many are also time-aligned in Transcriber and glossed in Toolbox with English and Bislama translations.
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Also known as Catriona Hyslop
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI666406%23
Subject:Vurës language
Subject (ISO639):msn


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Citation: Catriona Malau; Catriona Malau (recorder); Catriona Malau; Roy Wutot Lomegev Kipe (speaker); Jimmy Brown (speaker); Noris Meneg Qiat (speaker); Doran Rörösōq (speaker); Hosea Waras (speaker); Drusila Winne (speaker). 2002-06-15. Endangered Languages Archive.
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