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Title:Folksong of Hrusso Aka
Documentation and Description of the Hrusso Aka Language of Arunachal Pradesh
Contributor:Rashmi Richisow (Jebisow)
Sejim Sorisow
Contributor (consultant):Anu 'Tranje' Jebisow
Contributor (recorder):Yachi Jebisow
Yaniam Chukhu
Description:In this session, Rashmi Richisow (Jebisow) and Sejim Jebisow from the Buragaon village in the West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh are performing a folksong. This folksong is an enactment of the heartfelt words exchanged between a mother and a daughter on a visit to her parent's village. The daughter is heard pleading her mother to not discriminate in giving her the traditional valuables for having married into a poor family. The aim of the video is to capture and preserve the rich oral traditional art of story telling of the Hrusso Aka tribe. This art serves as an important means of passing down of knowledge from one generation to another, which is unfortunately a dying practice. In this video, the aim was to capture the folk songs that engages with such emotions. RECORDING CONDITIONS Fairly quiet village surroundings; indoors. No echo or minimal echo in Nima Jebisow's bamboo kitchen. Microphone: Superlux S502 stereo cardioid condensor microphone. Recorded on Marantz PMD 661 MK2 solid state recorder. Phantom power: 48V external supply with Millennium phantom power adapter. Recording Specs: Stereo, 48000 Hz, 32 bit float. Audio recorded separately and mixed later with video using VideoPad Video Editor. Video was recorded on Sony PJ 540 camcorder mounted on a tripod.
Documentation and Description of the Hrusso Aka Language of Arunachal Pradesh DESCRIPTION: This is a collection of Audio, video and textual language resources in Hrusso Aka, a language spoken by about 4000 speakers in the West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Hrusso Aka is an interesting language because of its dissimilarities with other languages in the region. It is highly endangered due to the ongoing rapid language shift to Hindi. This collection contains various genre of natural and elicited language forms such as stories, mythology, conversations, songs, dances, word lists etc, and has been made possible by an IGS scholarship by ELDP and a long-standing collaboration between the researcher and members of the Hrusso Aka community.
In this video, Rashmi and Sejim are singing a folk song.
Daughter of Nima and Kejang Jebisow, and is married to an Apatani ('Chandu' Mihin Chada). The couple is temporarily residing in Buragaon for business. In the first year of recording, she ran a shop. She is fluent in Hrusso Aka and a very good public speaker. She takes an active role in women's self-help groups coordinated by UFS nuns and AJS at Buragaon, and has recently become the co-ordinator of the self-help goups of East and West Kameng Districts. Also know as 'Tranje'. A member of the Aka (Hrusso) Literature Team, formed in 2017, under the leadership of Vijay D'Souza. Original village: Buragaon
Daughter of Nima and Kejang Jebisow. A member of the Aka (Hrusso) Literature Team, formed in 2017, under the leadership of Vijay D'Souza. Original village: Buragaon
A member of the Hrusso Aka Language Documentation team from April 2019. Native village: Yazali, Lower Subansiri. Post graduate in Media and Cultural Studies, TISS, Mumbai.
Rashmi Richisow is married to Laxman Jebisow and is a mother of one daughter. She runs a grocery shop in Buragaon. Original village: Yayong.
Daughter of the late Tuli Jebisow and Sadem Jebisow, married to Nicho Sorisow and the mother of 6 children. (hru: Ŝedjüm) Original village: Buragaon
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1312343%23
Publisher:Vijay D'Souza
University of Oxford
Traditional song
Hruso language
English language
Hindi language
Subject (ISO639):hru


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Citation: Anu 'Tranje' Jebisow (consultant); Yachi Jebisow (recorder); Yaniam Chukhu (recorder); Rashmi Richisow (Jebisow); Sejim Sorisow. 2018-09-18. Vijay D'Souza.
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