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Title:The story of Mbrokop and Mbrulei (John Kris)
Contributor (consultant):Mary Clara
Contributor (researcher):Jessica
Coverage:Papua New Guinea
Description:Audio recording and transcription/translation of the traditional story of hermit crab (mbrokop) and rat (mbrulei), as told by John Kris Hinduwan. Some of the dialogue is in another language, possibly Mokoreng. Synopsis: One day rat came to hermit crab and asked him if they could go to the sea to catch some fish to eat. The hermit crab agreed, so rat made a canoe and they sailed out to a reef. They put down anchor there and hermit crab went into the water and collected the meat from the clams and brought it back up to rat. Rat was happy and hermit crab asked if he would like to come down too so they could collect clams together, but rat protested that he cannot swim and he would drown. So hermit crab went back down by himself to collect more clams. Unbeknownst to hermit crab, rat was eating all the clams as he brought them up. Hermit crab went down again and speared some fish, which he brought up to the canoe. Again, rat ate all the fish, and only the skin and bones remained. This went on and on until finally the crab got tired and rested by the canoe. When he saw that the rat had eaten all the clams and fish he had collected he was angry. As they sailed away, hermit crab decided to sink the canoe. He steered it into the crashing waves and the canoe broke apart. Hermit crab crawled away to the shore, but rat could not swim and he clung onto the mast. He saw the sea creatures swimming nearby and he called out to shark to come and rescue him, but the shark told him his canoe was too small and he should wait for a bigger canoe. The same thing happened with dolphin, and turtle, and all the other sea animals, until finally a crocodile came and he told rat to hop on board. Rat climbed onto the crocodile's back and showed him where his home was. As they were traveling the crocodile farted, but when the rat asked him about it he said, ``The sea made my bottom fart.'' When they got to the rat's home the rat told the crocodile that he had disrespected him by farting; he told him that his fart was smelly and his breath was smelly too. The crocodile was angry and tried to catch the rat, but the rat jumped into a crab hole to get away. The crocodile dug and dug until his fingers were raw and his claws were gone, but he did not catch the rat.
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Koro (Papua New Guinea) language
Papitalai language
English language
Subject (ISO639):kxr


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Citation: Jessica (researcher); Kris; Mary Clara (consultant); Sylvia. 2018-02-10. Endangered Languages Archive.
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