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Title:A Day of Traditional Dance (Ñuksü)
Documentation and Description of the Hrusso Aka Language of Arunachal Pradesh
Contributor:Villagers of Buragaon
Contributor (consultant):Anu 'Tranje' Jebisow
Contributor (recorder):Ajay Parisow
Contributor (researcher):Vijay D'Souza
Description:Bundle number 1753 is made up of outdoor dances. These dances have similar steps and songs as the indoor 'ñuksü üka daw' dances in bundle number 1208. They are performed during public outdoor celebrations such as the annual Ñetrüdow' festival, national festivals and other big occasions in the village. Women of the village put in many days of practice in preparation for these dances. The visuals and the solemnity of the real performances match those seen here, but the audience is missing, since these were staged for recording purpose. These were recorded at the special request of the women of Buragaon, who were enthusiastically involved in documentation efforts for months.They wanted to preserve their best dances and songs in their best attire and I happily obliged. Live singing during public dances is becoming increasingly rare. Instead, it is common now to play recorded music during dance performances. Therefore these videos preserve a linguistic and musical skill that the community is losing fast. Very soon it will no longer be the case that every village woman is a singer. As recorded voices of specialist singers take over, fewer and fewer women will learn the art. Recording details: Three sets of video files are archived here. First, a set of MP4 files, have been processed and slightly altered to give better visuals. We had particularly bad weather on the recording days, and although the misty background looks magical in some footages, with our limited experience with video filming, we could obtain the quality we would have liked in some cases. There are two sets of MTS files. These are the originals, one set from Canon XA 20 which was fixed on a tripod and the other, from Sony PJ 540 which was handheld. The two cameras record the dances from two different angles, is giving varied visuals of the steps and hand movements. Please note that the video footages do not have good sound quality, since the audio is from camera-internal mics. The quality is better on .wav (orginals) and .MP4 files. Video Cameras: Primary camera- Canon XA20. Secondary camera: Sony PJ 540. Each dance was recorded fully with both cameras from two different angles. Audio: Recorded in somewhat noisy and windy village surroundings near the village 'general' ground. Micropone: Superlux S502 stereo cardioid condensor microphone. 'deadkitten' windshields were used to minimise wind noise. Recorded on Marantz PMD 661 MK2 solid state recorder. Phantom power: 48V external supply with Millennium phantom power adapter. Recording Specs: Stereo, 48000 Hz, 32 bit float. Audio recorded separately and mixed later, only in MP4 videos.
Son of the late Sondal Parisow and Jawam Parisow, Ajay is married to Abina Parisow. A member of the Aka (Hrusso) Literature Team, formed in 2017, under the leadership of Vijay D'Souza. Ajay helped on data collection in 2017, particularly with metadata. Original village: Palizi, now teaching at Himalayan University, Itanagar
Daughter of Nima and Kejang Jebisow, and is married to an Apatani ('Chandu' Mihin Chada). The couple is temporarily residing in Buragaon for business. In the first year of recording, she ran a shop. She is fluent in Hrusso Aka and a very good public speaker. She takes an active role in women's self-help groups coordinated by UFS nuns and AJS at Buragaon, and has recently become the co-ordinator of the self-help goups of East and West Kameng Districts. Also know as 'Tranje'. A member of the Aka (Hrusso) Literature Team, formed in 2017, under the leadership of Vijay D'Souza. Original village: Buragaon
Born in Karnataka, India. Working in Northeast India as a Jesuit since 1999. Involved with Hrusso Aka orthography development and language support since 1999, having learned the language at Palizi while teaching. Currently doing a DPhil (PhD) in linguistics at the University of Oxford, UK (Thesis: A Grammar of Hrusso Aka). Founder and leader of the Hrusso Literature Team, formed in 2017.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1213938%23
Publisher:Vijay D'Souza
University of Oxford
recreational dance
English language
Hruso language
Hindi language
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Citation: Villagers of Buragaon; Ajay Parisow (recorder); Anu 'Tranje' Jebisow (consultant); Vijay D'Souza (researcher). 2017-09-22. Vijay D'Souza.
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