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Title:Tsunami story (Margaret Pohu)
Documentation and description of Papitalai, an Oceanic language of Papua New Guinea
Contributor (consultant):Rosemary
Contributor (researcher):Jessica
Coverage:Papua New Guinea
Description:Approximately four minute video recording, with ripped audio file and time-aligned transcription and translation. Margaret Nausai Pohu tells the story of the March 11, 2011 tsunami, which happened while Jessica and her son were staying in the field. Her telling directly follows Rosemary Nayap Paura's telling of her tsunami story. Margaret tells of how she was scared when she heard the tsunami warning, and she tried to take her grandson into the bush, but others stopped her and told her he was too young. They then went with a group of other people, including her brothers, Sister Rita (the Australian nun who lives at the mission), and some girls from the school, to the mountain above Chopokeleheu (where the school is). They stayed overnight and in the morning her nephew told them to come down because the tsunami was gone. When they came down they saw a lot of things floating in the sea, which had been washed out by the tsunami. Recorded in Rex's house on the beach at Lokahon, with speakers facing away from Ndranenik (where Margaret's house is) and Chopokeleheu, towards the village, with the beach to their left and the road and bush to their right. Pictured: Rosemary Nayap Paura and Margaret Nausai Pohu. Present: Jessica Cleary-Kemp.
Village name: Nayap Mwaket. She is often referred to as Nayap, whereas many others are not referred to by their village name. Nayap's parents are Kristine Pat and Paura Pat. Her siblings are Julianne Paura (from a different mother, I believe), Veronica Pat, Shirley Duma, Kennedy Paura, Jenny Paura, Steven Paura, Sandra Paura, and Rex Paura. Her children are Alexandra Abau, Stiyen Paura, James Paura, Isabela Abau, and Calem Mark Anthony. Rosemary was Jessica Cleary-Kemp's adopted sister (tesi). Nayap grew up in Papitalai, Moresby, and Lae. Her first languages were Koro and Tok Pisin, although Tok Pisin was always her dominant language. She learnt English at school and is fluent. I am not sure how much schooling she completed. She tragically fell from a tree and died in 2015.
Village name is Nausai. Margaret's mother, Mary Tael, was born in Papitalai. Margaret grew up in Naringel (just across the water from Papitalai), but her family belongs to Papitalai. She moved from Naringel to Papitalai, where she now lives, in the 80s. Her siblings include Jack, Massina, and Eddie. Her children are Becky and Piru. Becky has a son, Mailun Eduardo. Margaret's first language is Koro, but she also learnt Tok Pisin from when she was very small. Tok Pisin is her dominant language now, although she is still very fluent in Koro. She completed grade 6 in 1975.
Her village name is Hilondelis, which can be parsed as hi- 'female name prefix', lo- 'leaf', ndelis 'tropical almond'. This was the name of her paternal great-grandmother. Her father is Philip Pokisel and her paternal grandparents are Kris Pokisel and Maria Pokisel. Her siblings are Francis, Geoffrey, Lomot, and Siwa. Her children are Adrien and Philson and her husband is Steven Paura. Sylvia's late mother was from Ponam, and so she grew up with Ponam as her first language, although she grew up in Papitalai. Tok Pisin is also her first language, and her language of everyday communication. She learnt English at school and is fluent.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1201438%23
Publisher:Jessica Cleary-Kemp
University of California, Berkeley
Subject:Personal narrative
Koro (Papua New Guinea) language
Papitalai language
English language
Subject (ISO639):kxr


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