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Title:Pear story with HYJ1 and HSH2
Contributor (interviewer):Soung-U
Contributor (recorder):Soung-U
Coverage:South Korea
Description:SUK1 asks HYJ1 and HSH2 to have a look at the Pear Story film and comment on it, with the objective of recording stimulus-guided narratives. jeju0060-01.mts is a recording where HYJ1 tells HSH2 about SUK1's research, while he's setting up his recording equipment. They also talk casually about their families and other things here. In a first round, SUK1 plays the film to the consultants in jeju0060-02, jeju0060-03 and jeju0060-04. Intentionally he did not explain much to the consultants before playing this recording to them, as he expected that without any prior knowledge of the recording, the consultants will use a lot of epistemic modal verb forms, mirative forms and maybe even overt case marking on noun phrases (as well as overt noun phrases, which are greatly reduced when speaking about already known things), combined with a higher degree of interjections that express surprise, combined with interaction using different question forms. As a general feature of a retelling of visual experiences which are ongoing, it was also expected that a lot of verb forms will show progressive aspect marking. Culturally, showing the Pear Story film was interesting, as the consultants compared the objects and practices to their own world - for example, pears are not green and bottle-formed, but round, yellow and much bigger in Korea, which is why this already raises surprise and all kinds of suggestions about what that object could be. In this first time presentation of the film, consultants were allowed to freely converse, even if they slipped into gossiping, or exchanging news that they spontaneously remembered. Jeju0060-04 is an intermezzo where SUK1 explains to the ladies that in the following recording, he'd like one person to tell the other what she's seeing, and what's going on on screen while the recording is running. In jeju0060-05, HSH2 comments on the video, with HYJ1 taking part occasionally. It is worth noting that the ladies' language changes in a way that hey are continuously referring back to the first time the recording was shown to them. jeju0060-06 they are talking about their impressions, and talk about dogs and cats.
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Korean language
Subject (ISO639):kor


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Citation: Soung-U (recorder); HYJ1; Soung-U (interviewer); HSH2. 2015-08-20. Endangered Languages Archive.
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Country: South Korea
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