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Title:Kofi Senkpe
Description and Documentation of Sekpele
Contributor (speaker):Engelbert Konutse
Description:This is a story of the craftiness of spider whose mother left him because of his stubbornness. One day the spider put himself in a parcel and sent it to his mother. His mother was surprise to find him in the parcel. His mother warned him of the town and said no one sleeps in the town because a monster has been terrorising at night. The spider took the challenge to stop the calamity. The craftiness and stubbornness of the spider prove to be beneficial and he was able to overcome the monster. He was rewarded with gifts from the people. On his way back he was warn not to respond to any sound or else he will lose all his belongings. As usual he did not heed to their warnings. On the way, he responded to sounds and lost his belongs one by one as and when he did. He lost everything including his horse therefore decided to go on foot. As he proceeds, he saw something fall ahead of him. He rushed to see if it is food so he could nourish himself with it. As he close to it he realised it was a tumour. He decided to turn away and the tumour told whether he leaves or not woe to him. The told him to carry it home and that is the only way he will be free. So the spider carried the tumour home. The tumour became his burden- whatever he want to eat or drink if he doesn't give the tumour first he has no right to eat or drink it. One day the spider sat to contemplate on how to get rid of the tumour. He went to seek advice from the eagle and narrated the situation to him. The eagle agreed to carry the tumour out of the spider's house. He asked the spider to convince the tumour to be in an open space so that the mission will be successful. The following morning the spider convinced the tumour to sit on the rooftop to have some fresh air. While they were on the rooftop the eagle came hovering above them. The spider signalled the eagle with a song and he came rushing to pick tumour. He managed to pick the tumour up but there was a tussle and the tumour fell off the outskirt of the village. Unknown to the spider, he decided to prepared a meal to celebrate the occasion. Before eating the meal, he decided to visit the toilet to get rid of his bowels so he could enjoy everything he has prepared. While in the toilet, the tumour approach him again said to him woe unto you if you run away and woe unto you if you don't. Take me home and you will be free. So the spider did as he was told and his family were stunt when they saw him bring the tumour back home. The tumour ate the meal he had prepared and the spider feed on the bones. After a while the spider and the eagle agreed to enact the mission once more. Three month came and the spider and the tumour went and sat on the rooftop. This time the spider took a gun to pretend to scare the eagle off so it doesn't look like he is a corporate to the incidence. The eagle came from nowhere to snatch the tumour while the spider hedged him to take it further. The eagle left hold of the tumour and it crashed into a pile of rocks and splashed into pieces. For while the spider wasn't convince so decided to set fire in the vicinity to ensure that the tumour doesn't survive. After burning, he got thirsty and decided to look for water to drink. He found water dripping from the rock and he took some. The water was as sweet as honey and he decided to have more. Suddenly his mouth became swollen. When he got home he was embarrassed by his looks and decided to stick his mouth into the latrine so the rats could eat the tumour out of him. It took days and finally when the rats had eaten it all, he rush out and hide at the upper corner of his room. This is one of the tales that give reasons why spiders always lodging at the corner of a room.
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Publisher:Cephas Delalorm
SOAS, University of London
Kofi Senkpe
Sekpele language
Subject (ISO639):lip


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