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Title:A Basket Weaving session (Mo vyuw)
Documentation and Description of the Hrusso Aka Language of Arunachal Pradesh
Contributor:Binai 'Aje' Jebisow
Sadeo Jebisow
Contributor (recorder):Dorjee K. Jebisow
Contributor (researcher):Vijay D'Souza
Description:In this session, Binai and Sadeo, from the village of Buragaon, weave a bamboo basket called 'mo'. As the recording unfolds over an hour or so, you will see two baskets being made from bamboo strips. Recording was done in a natural setting, with the consultants immersed in their work, and carrying out a spontaneous conversation, meandering from one topic to another, and at last explaining how to weave the ‘mo’ basket. Basket weaving is a dying art among the Hrusso Akas. This video aims to document it by showing and explaining how it is done. Among the four sets of media files, the first three show the two men actually weaving the baskets. They begin with nothing but bamboo strips, and walk home with fully prepared baskets. Once the baskets are made, they also explain how to weave baskets in the last video (hru...04). The videos are best viewed with ELAN files since the original soundtracks of the videos are not of the best quality as they are from the inbuilt camera microphones. However, good soundtracks are separately provided, and are synchronised with the videos In ELAN. The soundtracks not only capture the conversation very clearly, but also the sound of the bamboo strips as the baskets are being made. You will also occasionally hear other sounds of the village: people speaking at a distance, birds, auto mobiles and so forth. The sound-effect is such that one gets a immersive spatial experience of the village. In sets numbered 'hru_1223_basket_03' and 'hru_1223_basket_04', two cameras were used to capture the craft from two different angles. The main camera was placed in front of the consultants and a secondary camera, above their workplace. These can be viewed using the respective ELAN files.
Son of Norbu and Gizamo Jebisow, married to Larimo (who is ethnically Miji), and father of 4 children: Remo (M), Krishan (M), Christina (F) and Gizamo (F) Original village: Buragaon
Born in Karnataka, India. Working in Northeast India as a Jesuit since 1999. Involved with Hrusso Aka orthography development and language support since 1999, having learned the language at Palizi while teaching. Currently doing a DPhil (PhD) in linguistics at the University of Oxford, UK (Thesis: A Grammar of Hrusso Aka). Founder and leader of the Hrusso Literature Team, formed in 2017.
Son of Wangdi and the late Tasing Dema 'Grasüm' Jebisow (née Delusow), recently married to Mareena. A member of the Aka (Hrusso) Literatue Team, formed in 2017, under the leadership of Vijay D'Souza. Original village: Buragaon, now resident at Kimi.
Son of the late Jabdung Jebisow, married to Rufom Jebisow and the father of 8 children.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1197716%23
Publisher:Vijay D'Souza
University of Oxford
English language
Hruso language
Hindi language
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Citation: Binai 'Aje' Jebisow; Vijay D'Souza (researcher); Dorjee K. Jebisow (recorder); Sadeo Jebisow. 2016-03-02. Vijay D'Souza.
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