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Title:Searching for Wild Tubers (Nyekü tŝüw)
Documentation and Description of the Hrusso Aka Language of Arunachal Pradesh
Contributor:Sadeo 'Kabülo' Sapon
Sita Khabisow
Barom Sapon
Bacham Sapon
Contributor (consultant):Delu Sapon
Pinjimo Jebisow
Rufom Jebisow
Rinchin Sapon
Yali Jebisow
Rani Sapon
Nyenchim Sorisow
Contributor (recorder):Dorjee K. Jebisow
Contributor (researcher):Vijay D'Souza
Description:This recording is of a group of villaɡers setting out in search of traditional wild tubers (in Hrusso Aka 'ñeksü', and in Hindi 'jangal aaloo', literally 'forest potato'). Despite their Western dress, the women carry traditional equipment in the form of daos (machetes), and a variety of baskets woven to indiɡenous desiɡns. This recording is extremely messy, and yet beautiful. It is messy because recording this event was extremely challenging. It is beautiful because it captures life as it happens, and quite naturally. The recording team consisted of the three of us – Dorjee Jebisow, Delu Sapon and I. We had decided to keep our interference to a minimum. After a few instructions at the beginning and a brief consent session, we hardly interfered with the flow of the event, trying to record it as it unfolded. You will notice that camera movements are often jerky, and angles clumsy. There are several reasons for this. First of all, while on the winding road, we were moving backwards facing the crowd, recording as the event unfolded, recording the spontaneous chatter and natural movement. Secondly the main event, that is, the digging out of the wild tuber, took place on a steep mountain slope, and we found it difficult to concentrate and hold the camera steady without endanɡerinɡ ourselves or those around us. This was also our first outdoor recording, so we were still in a more experimental staɡe with reɡard to recordinɡ etiquette. Despite this, this is one of our favourite recordings. The native-speaker community also greatly appreciate this recording – wherever we showed this recording, it won their hearts, and proved the post popular when viewed by a feedback panel in Thrizino. We used two video cameras to record the event. The main camera was Sony PJ 540, and the secondary camera was a GoPro Hero 3+. In the edited footage that you see here, the first file combines footage both from GoPro and Sony. The second is only from GoPro. The third, which will be transcribed, is only from Sony, and the fourth is only from GoPro. The rest of the footage is only from Sony. We recorded the sound separately on a Marantz recorder using a Superlux stereo microphone. The microphone was fastened to my head most of the time, protruding like horns! While returning, it was fixed on Delu's head. Our initial plan was to mix this audio with the video footage, but given the nature of the footage, we chose not to. I have included the audio files separately. These audio recordings contain beautiful stereo sounds of people talking, walking, and digging. In the background you will also hear the typical sounds of the Arunachali forest. Listening to these recordings with stereo headphones will give you a good sense of the language in its natural surroundings. The audio quality of the GoPro camera is poor, however, the most important parts of the event are from the Sony camera, whose internal mic is of great quality. Therefore, not mixing the dedicated audio footage has not affected the recordings significantly. Two small portions of the event have been transcribed: one (hru_1206_02_walk_trans) is of chatter whilst walking to the hillside, and the other (hru_1206_09_find_trans) is soon after the discovery of a big tuber, with Delu offering a description of the foodstuff. The place of recording: Mountain slopes and paths above Buragaon Village Equipment used: video - Sony PJ 540, GoPro Hero3+ audio - Superlux S502 stereo microphone on Marantz PMD 661 MK2 recorder still - Canon 700D Recording conditions: (as described above)
Son of Tuliram Sapon, married to Rani 'Tara' Sapon, he has 6 children: 2 boys and 4 girls. A member of the Aka (Hrusso) Literatue Team, formed in 2017, under the leadership of Vijay D'Souza. Delu served both as a consultant (especially with regard to phonology) and a co-ordinator with local people to organise recording events. Original village: Buragaon
Son of Wangdi and the late Sangdema Jebisow, recently married to Mareena. A member of the Aka (Hrusso) Literatue Team, formed in 2017, under the leadership of Vijay D'Souza. Original village: Buragaon, now resident at Kimi.
Married to Bacham (hru: Batram), father of 2 children Mariam (F), Sang Norbu (M). Kabülo is the brother of Delu Sapon. He died in December 2016. Original village: Buragaon
Daughter of the late Düdzü Sapon and the late Rumom Sapon, married to Sang Khandu Jebisow (the Headman of Buragaon). Original village: Buragaon
Son of Güzamo (from Yayung) and the late Norbu Jebisow, married to the late Miting Khabisow, mother of 5 children. Known as 'Ajenka'. Sita serves as a catechist for the village. Original village: Buragaon. Sita was born and brought up in Thrizino until the age of 12 when she moved to Buragaon, which is where she was lived since.
Married to Sadeo Jebisow and the mother of 8 children. Original village: Prizin, moved after marriage to Buragaon.
Daughter of Nicho (hru: Nütso) and Melüñ Khabisow, married to Rohit and mother of 2 children (Mandela and Reshma). Our host during the period of fieldwork in 2016 and 2017. Original village: Buragaon.
Married to the late Dorjee Jebisow, and the mother of 10 children. Original village: Chijang, moved after marriage to Buragaon
Born in Karnataka, India. Working in Northeast India as a Jesuit since 1999. Involved with Hrusso Aka orthography development and language support since 1999, having learned the language at Palizi while teaching. Currently doing a DPhil (PhD) in linguistics at the University of Oxford, UK (Thesis: A Grammar of Hrusso Aka). Founder and leader of the Hrusso Literature Team, formed in 2017.
Daughter of the late Kunu Sagro and the late Fuba (née Jebisow), married to Delu Sapon, and the mother of 6 children. Original village: Karangania, moved after marriage to Buragaon
Son of Güzamo (from Yayung) and the late Norbu Jebisow, sister of Nima Jebisow, married to Sinji Sapon, mother of 6 children. Original village: Buragaon
Daughter of Düva and Afom Sagro, married to Kandu 'Südji' Sorisow, she has 5 children. Original village: Karangania, moved after marriage to Buragaon
Née Jebisow, married to the late Sadeo 'Kabülo' Sapon, mother of 2 children. (hru: Batram) Original village: Buragaon
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1195297%23
Publisher:Vijay D'Souza
University of Oxford
gathering food
English language
Hruso language
Hindi language
Subject (ISO639):eng


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Citation: Delu Sapon (consultant); Dorjee K. Jebisow (recorder); Sadeo 'Kabülo' Sapon; Pinjimo Jebisow (consultant); Sita Khabisow; Rufom Jebisow (consultant); Rinchin Sapon (consultant); Yali Jebisow (consultant); Vijay D'Souza (researcher); Rani Sapon (consultant); Barom Sapon; Nyenchim Sorisow (consultant); Bacham Sapon. 2016-02-17. Vijay D'Souza.
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