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Title:Gena and Bachim Khabisow's Reminiscences
Documentation and Description of the Hrusso Aka Language of Arunachal Pradesh
Contributor (researcher):Vijay D'Souza
Contributor (singer):Bachim Khabisow
Gena Khabisow
Description:Gena Khabisow (originally of Hushigaon Village) and his wife Bachim Khabisow (née Delusow, of Palatari) were among the first government employees from the Hrusso Aka tribe, with Gena working as a police officer and Bachim in welfare. They were educated together at Buragaon Government High School in the 1970s. At the time this was a significant centre of learning within the Hrusso Aka territory, but has declined since. This bundle has three recordings. The first recording (hru_1202_gena_01) focuses on Gena's own reminiscences about their education, and his work-life (of how he got a governmnet job, and why he left), and how the couple later moved to Lepang Futu (Lower Bhalukpong Model Village). His narration meanders naturally from topic to topic as they come to memory. He recounts about his struggles studying, and living away from his family in a hostel. He also notes the confusion that took place with the change of the medium of instruction from Assamese to English, which he remembers as having happened between 1974 and 1976, due to a change in government policy. The second recording (hru_1202_gena_02)is Gena narrating funny anecdotes to his wife. This jocular video illustrates the language of humour, imitating and quoting others in humorous ways and laughter. In the third recording (hru_1202_bachim) Bachim takes over the narration of their life together. Linguistically, this third recording will be pertinent to the study of the clause-final particle 'bi' (as the current analysis goes), which Bachim used repeatedly in her speech. The place of recording: St. Xavier's School, Lepang Huda (Lower Bhalukpong) Equipment used: video - Canon XA20 video camera audio - Rode NTG 1A microphone (connected directly to the video camera. We also recorded separately with Audio technica 803B lavalier microphones, with one mic placed on each speaker, but this audio was discarded in favour of the former). still - Canon 700D Recording conditions: Recording in studio-like conditions in the basement of St. Xavier's School, Lepang Huda (Lower Bhalukpong).The 'studio' was an impromtu one, made by myself, by covering walls with mattresses and the ceiling with foam to reduce echo. In the context of this more professional setting, Gena arrived unexpectedly formally dressed. Beacause of the studio-like conditions, the recording is particularly clear and without the background disturbances of a village setting, which renders it of great use for the acoustic analysis of natural speech. Although initially conscious of the studio environment and the microphones, Gena's speech flows naturally from 5-6 mins into the recording onward.
Daughter of Chawang and Memu Jebisow, wife of Gena Khabisow. Original village: Buragaon
Husband of Bachim Khabisow. Original village: Buragaon
Born in Karnataka, India. Working in Northeast India as a Jesuit since 1999. Involved with Hrusso Aka orthography development and language support since 1999, having learned the language at Palizi while teaching. Currently doing a DPhil (PhD) in linguistics at the University of Oxford, UK (Thesis: A Grammar of Hrusso Aka). Founder and leader of the Hrusso Literature Team, formed in 2017.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1195271%23
Publisher:Vijay D'Souza
University of Oxford
memoirs and biography
English language
Hruso language
Hindi language
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Citation: Bachim Khabisow (singer); Gena Khabisow (singer); Vijay D'Souza (researcher). 2016-01-29. Vijay D'Souza.
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