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Title:How to prepare hide // Как выделывать шкуру
Documentation of Negidal, a nearly extinct Northern Tungusic language of the Lower Amur
Contributor:B. Pakendorf
D. Bikina
N. Aralova
Contributor (annotator):B. Pakendorf
Contributor (depositor):B. Pakendorf
Contributor (speaker):D.I. Nadeina
Contributor (translator):A.V. Kazarova
G.I. Kandakova
Description:This session was recorded with Daria Ivanovna Nadeina on 31.07.2017 at her house, when we also recorded explanations on how to sew a rug incorporating duck scalps (see Session “Rug with duck scalps”) and how to sew fur rugs (see Session “How to sew a fur rug”). She had prepared some instruments and pieces of hide to show us and to explain several stages of hide preparation. These involve different kinds of instruments (called “uu”, “chechen”, “niuliwun” and “kodoja” – see photos) and ways of scraping. The goal is to soften the hide while it is still wet until it reaches a good degree of dryness (olgo-). One has to soften it and most importantly to get all the moisture out, because otherwise it will harden completely (boʨoβ-) and become unmanageable. In such a case one has to soak it again and start all over again. At the same time, one has to be very careful not to let it reach a state called ʨaki-, which is the first stage before a hide rots completely. It’s not spoiled yet, one can still curry a hide that is ʨakiʨa, but that takes twice as long as usual. Three linguists - Brigitte Pakendorf, Daria Bikina and Natalia Aralova - were present. NA was holding the camera and DB was responsible for the sound recording. At some point Daria Ivanovna Nadeina asked DB, and later also BP, to assist her in the demonstration of several techniques. After the first 2 minutes somebody knocked the door, and the recording was interrupted (one can see how Daria Ivanovna Nadeina waves her hand to indicate we should stop recording); the two parts of the recording were later joined into one. For the recording, we used a Panasonic HC-V770 video camera and an Olympus LS-14 audio recorder with a directional microphone. The MTS video files were later converted to mp4 and the sound file was extracted for use in ELAN; the original Olympus audio file is also archived. Brigitte Pakendorf transcribed the recording and checked the transcription with Antonina Kazarova, who also provided the Russian translation. Glossed by Brigitte Pakendorf and questions checked with Antonina Kazarova and Galina Kandakova. // Эта запись была сделана в доме Дарьи Ивановны Надеиной 31 июля 2017 года в присутствии трёх лингвистов (Бригитты Пакендорф, Дарьи Бикиной и Наталии Араловой). Наталия Аралова держала камеру, Дарья Бикина следила за аудиозаписью и иногда помогала тянуть или держать шкуру. Дарья Ивановна объясняет и демонстрирует сложный и трудоёмкий процесс выделки шкуры лося.
This project focuses on the documentation of Negidal, a highly moribund Northern Tungusic language spoken by at most a handful of individuals on the Amgun’ and Lower Amur rivers in the Russian Federation. The language comprises two dialects, Upper and Lower Negidal, of which the latter might already be extinct. The project will result primarily in an extensive corpus of interlinearized texts from the Upper dialect together with accompanying audio recordings.
Linguist working on previously collected data.
Worked in the kindergarten as teacher and director, worked as a schoolteacher, in a shop, and also in the village administration. Is very active in maintaining Negidal culture and the language.
AVK worked as a kindergarten and primary school teacher, and since ~1985 as a teacher of Negidal for children for whom this is L2.
Worked as a librarian and in the village "club" (the venue for all cultural activities).
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1149839%23
Publisher:Brigitte Pakendorf
DDL, CNRS & Université Lyon 2
Subject:Procedural explanation
English language
Negidal language
Russian language
Subject (ISO639):eng


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Citation: B. Pakendorf; D. Bikina; N. Aralova; D.I. Nadeina (speaker); A.V. Kazarova (translator); G.I. Kandakova (translator); B. Pakendorf (annotator); B. Pakendorf (depositor). 2017-07-31. Brigitte Pakendorf.
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