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Title:Vicente Garcia and Francisco Hernandez talking in La Laguna
A cross-varietal documentation and description of Pesh, a Chibchan language of Honduras
Contributor (consultant):Francisco
Contributor (researcher):Claudine
Description:Vicente Garcia and Francisco Hernandez talking in La Laguna, recording by Ludovic Bonleux and Angel Martinez
The general aim of the MDP0276 project is to document and describe three varieties of Pesh in eight villages, the most northern Chibchan language, and the only one spoken in Honduras. Pesh is classified as an isolate in the Chibchan family; it is the sole language that does not belong to Core Chibchan. Pesh is endangered: it has roughly 500 speakers, of whom 80% are more than 50 years old. Pesh is little described. The project has filled a gap, since no documentation or complete description has been carried out in the past. Various genres have been documented, in particular such endangered speech practices as prayers and ceremonial speech, and narratives related to traditional cooking and medicine. More than 30 hours have been recorded.
Responsable of the project
He was born in Culmi and arrived in Las Marias in 1990, then he was one of the founder of Nuevo Dulce Nombre. He is living in Nuevo Dulce Nombre. Pesh is his first language. He learnt Spanish in School and Miskito in Las Marias. He speaks Spanish and Pesh with his spouse. He speaks Spanish and Miskito with his children. He speaks Miskito in the village and for working (in Las Marias).
He was born in La Laguna. He is living in La Laguna. He was Tribal chief during various years. He speaks very well Pesh. He speaks Pesh with his children and his wife who is monolingual in Pesh. He is Natividad’s brother.
He was born in Culmi. He is living in Moradel. Spanish is his first language and he learnt Pesh at home with his parents.He began speaking Pesh 10 years ago. He learnt Miskito in Las Marias. He speaks Spanish and Pesh with his spouse and children. He is teacher and a leader in his village
Ludovic Bonleux is a filmmaker who participated in fieldwork in 2017. He filmed different stages of work with the consultants and the members of the team. He also recorded the delivery of the books to the different schools and the consultants in the villages.
MDP 0276
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1102532%23
Publisher:Claudine Chamoreau


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Citation: Claudine (researcher); Francisco (consultant); Vicente (consultant); Angel; Ludovic. 2017-05-21. Claudine Chamoreau.

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