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Title:Nautrally occuring interaction during farming
A Documentation of Bati Language and Oral Traditions
Contributor (consultant):MBESSI MAKONDO
Contributor (researcher):NGUE UM
Description:Naturally occurring interactions are speech productions events which have not been initiated by the researcher. The current session documents free interaction during farm cultivation by women's work group in Mbougue village.
The project to Document aspects of Bati language and oral traditions is an original idea of Dr Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso, who had initially surveyed the Bati speech area as part of a pilot research project granted by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation of the Republic of Cameroon. Based on the results of this pilot research which have revealed a situation of critical endangerment of Bati language and ancestral practices, the idea to submit a major documentation project to ELDP has matured. The project has eventually been submitted during the 2015 funding round with Dr Emmanuel Ngué Um as Principal Investigator, and Dr Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso as co-applicant. The project started in October 1st, 2015, and will run till the 30th of September in 2018.
This session documents farming labour by Mbougue (Mpage) women's work group. Just as with the Active Women of Kelleng Association, Mbougue women are organized into work group. Labour sessions are organized rotatively to the benefit of each member. During the present session, group work takes place in Ngo Nsumb Albertine's field.
Several languages are resorted to in the course of interaction during farming: Mbougue, Basaa, Bisoo, French, just to name a few. Details concerning linguistic profile of each participant are provided under 'actor' field.
Mbessi Makondo Gilbert as acted as one of the key informants for the research team during the first year of the project. Due to his extensive multilingualism coupled with a high sense of public network and relations, he has assisted the research team in most of their whereabouts throughout the various consultants who have agreed to lend themselves to research exercises. In some cases, Mbessi Gilbert has acted as the interviewer. This approach has been privileged in surveys dealing with anthropological, cultural and religous aspects. He had been trained by the research team in the monitoring of interviews, and in questionnaire administration, and has proven to be a talented and committed research assistant.
Gwladys Makon is a team research member for the Bati projet. She is enrolled in the PHD programme at the Department of African Languages and Linguistics. Makon is a PHD fellow for the Bati projet, and she is mainly concerned with providing a comprehensive grammatical description of Bati language, all three dialects inclusive. During her undergraduate study at the Department of African Languages and Linguistics at the University of Yaoundé I, Gwladys Makon has red, among others, the followingn subjets: Introduction to general linguistics, phonetics, phonology (with special emphasis on Bantu languages), introduction to sociolinguistics, language teaching, language planning, etc.
Assomo Celestine Ghislaine is a PhD student who is enroled in the Linguistic program at the University of Yaoundé I, Department of African Languages and Linguistics. She has completed her gratuade program in the same Department, and later on graduated with a Master's Degree in descriptive Linguistics in 2015. Ghislaine Assomo is part of the research team working on the documentation of Bati language and Oral traditions. She works on the project on a part-time basis; the remaining part of her schedule being devoted to her PhD research, which deals with aspects of Multilingualism within the broader area covered by the overall Bati Canton.
Emmanuel Ngué Um is the Principal Investigator for the Bati project. He is mainly employed at the University of Yaoundé one where he holds the position of Senior Lectuer of Linguistics, in the Departement of Cameroonian Languages and Cultures at the Higher Teacher Training School. Ngué Um is also Associate Researcher at CERDOTOLA, where he is charged with the responsibility of Archive Manager for ALORA (Archive of Languages and Oral Resources of Africa).
Ngo Nsumb is daughter to Nsumb Mbock André, the village Chief. She was born in the Bati Canton, but has not lived continuously in Mbougue, as her father was assigned to clerical work in Nyanon, the headquarters of the Nyanon Sub-division to which Mbougue belongs. However, she grew up speaking her ethnic language, along with other languages which are part of the areal repertoire. She attended secondary education, and moved to city, where she lived for several years. Her coming back to the village has been motivated by her mother's physical impotence on the one hand, and her father's old age on the other hand. Ngo Nsumb is the beneficiary of the labour session which has been documented the present session.
Ndo Georgette is spouse to Bimoga Pierre, a notable at Mbougue Chieftaincy. She was born and brought up in the Mvumbo speech community in the Ocean Division, South region of Cameroon. She met her husband in Kribi where he lived for several years. After her husband retirement, they moved to Mbougue where they have been living since. It is a little bit surprising to the research team that Ndo Georgette claims to speak Mbougue, Kelleng and Nyambat speech varieties, whereas in the course of labour session, she mostly addressed her group mates in French.
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Publisher:Ngué Um Emmanuel
International Center for Research and Documentation on African Traditions and Languages (CERDOTOLA)


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Citation: MBESSI MAKONDO (consultant); MAKON; ASSOMO; NGUE UM (researcher); NGO NSUMB (consultant); MAYEM-C (consultant); NGO OUM (consultant); NGO PAGALAGA (consultant); NDO (consultant); BELLA (consultant); NGO BISSABAL (consultant); BILONG (consultant). 2017-06-15. Ngué Um Emmanuel.

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