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Title:Ritual to cleanse client of evil spirts/ possession
Contributor (consultant):Ima Bobby
Description:Healing Ritual Bundle filenames • Media files NupAmaibi_Ameilon_01012017_ritual_session2_639-3.MP4 NupAmaibi_Ameilon_01012017_INF_CONS_Bobby_639-3.MP4 • Elan file NupAmaibi_HealingExcorcismRitual.eaf • Pdf file NupAmaibi_Ameilon_01012017_ritual_session2_639-3.pdf Basic metadata Date of recording: 1st January, 2017 Location: Chingmeirong (Ima Bobby’s temple), Imphal Participants: Ima Bobby, Bhobon Amaiba Others present: Karen, Meiphak Description: In this demonstrated ritual, the priest Bhobon Amaiba plays the role of client and undergoes a healing ritual. Various incantations are used by Ima Bobby to invoke the deities and call upon them to heal Bobhon Amaiba. There are elements of the Sanamahi creation story embedded in the text, where the order of the creation of the elements are detailed. The association of deities with elemental forces is strong in all of the rituals, and in this one, the term nung-sit ‘wind-wave’ refers to the entrance of a deity on a gust of air. This association of the arrival of a deity with a ‘breeze’ makes salient the animistic basis of the Sanamahi tradition. Some of the metaphorical language used in this ritual was incredibly difficult to translate. This was especially so after the passing of Ima Bobby. With the help of Ima Nanao and after consulting some elder speakers, the ritual was however successfully translated. The poetic beauty of some of these metaphors in extraordinary. For example, the phrase thouri-thouya-lang, ‘rope-coil-arrange’ symbolizes the ‘cycle of time’. Several archaic words are used in the ritual, and we learn, among other things, that khabi is the archaic word for priestess Amaibi.
Ima Bobby is a high priestess of the Sanamahi tradition in Manipur.
Meiphak is a musician and disciple of Ima Bobby.
Bhobon Amaiba is a priest of the Sanamahi tradition n Manipur.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1092001%23
Subject:Ritual/religious texts
Manipuri language
Subject (ISO639):mni


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Citation: Ima Bobby (consultant); Meiphak; Bhobon (consultant). n.d. Endangered Languages Archive.
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