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Title:Jelinjeksai and Kusunkulma // Хитрец и Силач
Documentation of Negidal, a nearly extinct Northern Tungusic language of the Lower Amur
Contributor (annotator):B. Pakendorf
Contributor (depositor):B. Pakendorf
Contributor (speaker):T.I. Nadeina
Contributor (translator):D.I. Nadeina
Description:This is an old tape recording made in the 1990s which was digitized in 2017 at the MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. Tamara Ivanovna Nadeina had a 2-minute slot on the local radio in which she would read little tales in Negidal and provide a brief list of the main words at the end. This is a long fairy tale, however, and she therefore cut it into many parts and turned it into a series. The tale is taken from Cincius (1982), with some slight modifications by Tamara Nadeina. This recording was at the very beginning of one side of one digitized tape - however, once transcribed it turned out not to be the beginning of the tale - what is contained here starts from p.77 of Cincius (1982). Cincius transcribed the text under dictation from a 28-year old man, Petr Mixailovich Alekseev, in Kamenka village, on 23/02/1927. The Russian translation was taken from Cincius (1982: 148-150), with some additions by Daria Nadeina in July 2017. The tale belongs to the type classified as "satirical" by Cincius; it tells how one hero (Jelinjeksaia, the crafty one) obtains a wife and riches by cheating, while the antihero (Kusunkulma, the strong one) ends up being killed. Transcribed by Brigitte Pakendorf, transcription and translation checked with Daria Nadeina; glossed by Brigitte Pakendorf and questions checked with Daria Nadeina. // Это старая магнитофонная запись девяностых годов, которая была оцифрована в Институте эволюционной антропологии им. Макса Планка в Лейпциге в 2017-м году. Тамара Ивановна Надеина раз в неделю вела уроки негидальского языка по краевому радио, в которых она читала короткие тексты и в конце повторяла самые главные слова с русским переводом. В этой записи представлена достаточно длинная сказка, которая взята из книги В.И. Цинциус "Негидальский язык. Исследования и материалы" и которую Тамара Ивановна читала в течение нескольких уроков. В сказке говорится, как Дьэлиндьэксай (Хитрец) обманом находит себе жену и богатство, а наивного Кусункулмадьи (Силач), поверившего Хитрецу, убивают. Запись начинается не с самого начала сказки, а на 6-ом абзаце.
This project focuses on the documentation of Negidal, a highly moribund Northern Tungusic language spoken by at most a handful of individuals on the Amgun’ and Lower Amur rivers in the Russian Federation. The language comprises two dialects, Upper and Lower Negidal, of which the latter might already be extinct. The project will result primarily in an extensive corpus of interlinearized texts from the Upper dialect together with accompanying audio recordings.
Tamara Nadeina worked as a school-teacher all her life, mostly in her native village of Vladimirovka. She died in February 1999 aged 58.
Worked in the kindergarten as teacher and director, worked as a schoolteacher, in a shop, and also in the village administration. Is very active in maintaining Negidal culture and the language.
Linguist working on previously collected data.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1083325%23
Publisher:Brigitte Pakendorf
DDL, CNRS & Université Lyon 2
fairy tale
English language
Negidal language
Russian language
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Citation: T.I. Nadeina (speaker); D.I. Nadeina (translator); B. Pakendorf (annotator); B. Pakendorf (depositor). n.d. Brigitte Pakendorf.
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