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Title:Photos of the participants and of the first whistling languages meeting day
The Antia Whistling Language: documenting language use and language activism
Contributor:Panagiotis Tzanavaris/Παναγιώτης Τζαναβάρης
Thanasis Soultatis
Abbie Hantgan
Fanni Stavroulaki/Φανή Σταυρουλάκη
Maria Kounelli/Μαρία Κουνέλη
Dimitrios Peppas/Διμίτρηος Πέππας
Philippe Biu
Maria Andrellou/Μαρία Ανδρέλλου
Sabrine Cepeda
Gerard Pucheu
Panagiotis Kamilakis/Παναγιώτης Καμιλάκης
Kyriakoula Giannakari/Κυριακούλα Γιαννακάρη
Ms Kounelli/Κυρία Κουνέλη
Georgia Giannakari/Γεωργία Γιαννακάρη
Giannis Xanthakis/Γιάννης Ξανθάκης
Sophie Salffner
Contributor (photographer):Andrew Nevins
Description:These photos taken by Andrew Nevins during the conference show participants and guests of the conference give their talks, listen to talks, chat and having lunch together
The Antia Whistling Language is a Greek whistling language used by the people of Antia in southern Euboia, Greece, to communicate with one another in their mountainous village. The language is endangered because very few people still live in the remote village, and the language was not passed on to children outside the village. Members of the community have noticed this decline of language use and are now actively engaging in language maintenance. Together with whistlers of other languages, the Cultural Organisation of all Antia People organises international meetings, for example the First International Meeting for the Study and Preservation of Whistling Languages, Antia/Karystos, 23rd/24th Aug 2014. Whistlers also hold whistling classes in schools in neighbouring towns and islands to pass on the language to children.
in the recording from the whistling language conference, Maria Andrellou is one of the ladies wearing a white top
anthropologist and sociolinguist
Maria Kounelli's mother
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1076474%23
Publisher:Sophie Salffner


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Citation: Andrew Nevins (photographer); Panagiotis Tzanavaris/Παναγιώτης Τζαναβάρης; Thanasis Soultatis; Abbie Hantgan; Fanni Stavroulaki/Φανή Σταυρουλάκη; Maria Kounelli/Μαρία Κουνέλη; Dimitrios Peppas/Διμίτρηος Πέππας; Philippe Biu; Maria Andrellou/Μαρία Ανδρέλλου; Sabrine Cepeda; Gerard Pucheu; Panagiotis Kamilakis/Παναγιώτης Καμιλάκης; Kyriakoula Giannakari/Κυριακούλα Γιαννακάρη; Ms Kounelli/Κυρία Κουνέλη; Georgia Giannakari/Γεωργία Γιαννακάρη; Giannis Xanthakis/Γιάννης Ξανθάκης; Sophie Salffner. 2014-08-23. Sophie Salffner.

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