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Title:Language Development and the Research
Contributor:Tikín Margweé
Contributor (consultant):Daniel Paul (Tluway Paul)
Lohay Qwaray
Hhayma Iingwagwí
John Ma'u (Sla'a Ma'u)
Paschal Bu'ú
Description:Paschal leads the group in a discussion of how Gorwaa may be used in new methods of communication, as well as what should be included in the current research project || Paschal anaongoza zungumzo kutafuta mawazo kuhusu namna Kigorowa kinaweza kutumiwa kwenye namna mpya ya mawasiliano, na vitu muhimu ya kuweka kwenye utafiti || For any use of this single material, or of a small number of materials from the larger deposit, please include the following credit lines: 1. Harvey, Andrew. 2016. Language development and the research. [20160208o] in Harvey, Andrew. 2017. 2. Harvey, Andrew 2017. Gorwaa: an archive of language and cultural material from the Gorwaa people of Babati (Manyara Region, Tanzania). London: SOAS, Endangered Languages Archive. URL: [https://elar.soas.ac.uk/Collection/MPI1014224]. Accessed on [insert date here] || This material is openly accessible. 1) Users are free to a) share (copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format), and b) adapt (remix, transform, and build upon the material). 2) Terms: Users must a) give appropriate credit (providing, at least, the credit lines above), b) indicate if changes were made, and c) not knowingly use materials for any purpose which causes disparagement, disrespect, damage to reputation, or harm to any individual or group. None of the data in this collection may be used as evidence in court. || Data collection funded by Endangered Languages Documentation Project Individual Graduate Scholarship IGS0285 : "The Gorwaa Noun: Toward a description of the Gorwaa language"
Born in Riroda, Grew up in Riroda | Father's languages: Gorwaa, Swahili; Mother's languages: Gorwaa, Swahili
Born in Ayá Tla/a, Grew up in Ayá Tla/a | Father's languages: Gorwaa, Swahili; Mother's languages: Gorwaa, Swahili
Born in Mwanga, Grew up in Mwanga | Father's languages: Gorwaa, Mother's languages: Gorwaa
Born in Sorá, Grew up in Sorá | Father's languages: Gorwaa, Swahili; Mother's languages: Gorwaa, Swahili
Born in Yerotoni, Grew up in Yerotoni | Father's langugages: Gorwaa, Swahili; Mother's languages: Gorwaa, Swahili
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1064924%23
Subject:Natural Speech : Conversational Text


Archive:  Endangered Languages Archive
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DateStamp:  2019-06-20
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Citation: Daniel Paul (Tluway Paul) (consultant); Lohay Qwaray (consultant); Hhayma Iingwagwí (consultant); Tikín Margweé; John Ma'u (Sla'a Ma'u) (consultant); Paschal Bu'ú (consultant). 2016-02-08. Endangered Languages Archive.

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