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Title:Traditional legends with Tani Chavez Suarez
Contributor:Mario Chavez Duran
Contributor (speaker):Tani Chavez Suarez
Description:Traditional legends by Tani Chavez from Las Limas. chapac_051 The Boettger's caecilian's story chapac_052 Traditional dancing chapac_053 IRB consent, the jaguar's story, the tapir's story, the bat's story chapac_054 shaman songs chapac_055 history of the chacobo of las Limas chapac_056 the puma's story chapac_057 the vulture's story chapac_058 the jochi's story
The Boettger's caecilian's story The story of a woman who’s husband is a Boettger's caecilian (Siphonops paulensis). The snake impregnates her with his children, by having sex with her through a hole he made inside a big pile of garbage in the woman’s house. After the Boettger’s caecilian is killed by the woman’s mother, and the woman mourns the loss of her dead snake husband, the woman is pursued by a jaguar man. The jaguar man is incapable of having sexual intercourse with the woman because of all the snakes and worms inside of her (the children of her dead Boettger’s caecilian husband) biting the head of his penis when he attempts to copulate with her. He gives her a remedy and the worms and snakes start dropping out of her vagina and exploding. However, some of them escape after the jaguar man is distracted by a bird (an undulated tinamou specifically), causing a proliferation of worms and snakes in all parts of the world.
The traditional festival An account of traditional dancing amonst the Chácobo at festivals.
The jaguar’s story The story of three brother’s in law. One brother in law is transformed into a jaguar by the others. The story details this brother in law’s gradual transformation into a jaguar.
The tapir’s story Part of the Nahuapaxahua saga. A tapir witch man steal’s Nahuapaxahua’s wife.
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PhD Student
Lives in Las Limas, father of Mahua Chavez, Miguel Chavez and Paicito Chavez.
Son of Mahua Chavez, lives in Riberalta, and Puerto Lata, founder of Las Limas, president of Puerto Lata.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1061103%23
Publisher:Adam J.R. Tallman
University of Texas at Austin
Subject:Traditional myth
origin myth


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Citation: Tani Chavez Suarez (speaker); Mario Chavez Duran. 2012-06-26. Adam J.R. Tallman.

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