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Title:Elicitation 22, part I with HYJ1 and HGS1
A multi-modal documentation of Jejuan conversations
Contributor (consultant):HGS1 (consultant)
HYJ1 (consultant)
Contributor (depositor):Soung-U Kim (depositor)
Contributor (researcher):Soung-U Kim (researcher)
Contributor (speaker):HGS1 (speaker)
HYJ1 (speaker)
Soung-U Kim (speaker)
Coverage:South Korea
Description:This elicitation begins with HYJ1 and HGS1 chatting about various things. HGS1 reports that in the past (at around 01:45), apparently people used to think of Jejuan as being the speech of the lowest of the lowest, and as an example, HYJ1 and HGS1 discuss the Jejuan way of saying 'Where did you throw that (away)?' (느 걸 어드레 데껴비언디?) for those situations when one leaves an object at a place without much attention, and then not being able to find it again. They say that on the mainland people don't say it this way, and HGS1 concludes that for mainlanders, this must sound fairly harsh and probably this is why Jejuan is regarded so lowly. Apart from this interesting glimpse into people's language attitudes, SUK1 asks the ladies about scrambling of constituents in clause linkages, the coordination of NPs, negation across clauses, the particle -sʰa and its function as a modal suffix, complementisers and SVCs, negation across clauses, tests for DS -taŋ linkages (which, as it turns out, are entirely misguided and a good example for acquiescence since DS -taŋ linkages are usually not possible).
This project aims at building an annotated audio-video corpus of spoken Jejuan with a focus on conversational genres, supplementing existing documentation of narratives and songs.
Her family is mostly from Jimnyeong, only great-grandfather from Taeheung in the South. Her husband's family originates in Southern Jeolla, in Yeongam. Went to Japan at the age of 3, got back at the age of 15, 4.3 incident at 17. Her father had a factory in Deokcheon, but they had to give it up because of the 4.3 massacres. Mother of four children, two sons and two daughters, widow. 84 as of 2016.
Born in Jimnyeong until she moved to Haengwon because of her husband. Now widowed mother of three daughters.
Main researcher of current documentation project, as of 2016, PhD student in Linguistics at SOAS London. German-Korean descent, got to London after his BA studies.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1046327%23
Publisher:Soung-U Kim
SOAS London
Korean language
English language
Subject (ISO639):kor


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Citation: HGS1 (speaker) (speaker); HYJ1 (speaker) (speaker); HGS1 (consultant) (consultant); HYJ1 (consultant) (consultant); Soung-U Kim (speaker) (speaker); Soung-U Kim (depositor) (depositor); Soung-U Kim (researcher) (researcher). 2016-01-02. Soung-U Kim.
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