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Title:Elicitation 3 with HJG1 and JOS1
A multi-modal documentation of Jejuan conversations
Contributor (consultant):HJG1 (consultant)
Contributor (depositor):Soung-U Kim (depositor)
Contributor (researcher):Soung-U Kim (researcher)
Contributor (speaker):HJG1 (speaker)
JOS1 (speaker)
JOS1 (consultant)
Soung-U Kim (speaker)
Coverage:South Korea
Description:SUK1 got together with HJG1 and JOS1 to discuss some more data on serial verbs. The first half of the recording is about SUK1 trying to get a clearer picture of the morphology of SVCs, as in some SVCs there is the typically Jejuan structure of two verbs linked by -ŋ, whereas in other constructions, two verbs are linked by -ə/-a, in the same manner as in Korean. Thus he picked up a couple of examples he had found for Korean elsewhere and tried to see whether they would be translatable into Jejuan equivalents. With some verbs, there are multiple possibilities, whereas with some other verbs, only one of the above possibilities are accepted. This part also includes the discussion of directional SVCs, which hadn't been done in detail before. The rest of the session deals with differences between syntactic and semantic scope effects when negating SVCs, SVCs and the involvement of passivised verbs, as well as tense-aspect related morphological variation on non-final verbs in SVCs.
This project aims at building an annotated audio-video corpus of spoken Jejuan with a focus on conversational genres, supplementing existing documentation of narratives and songs.
Father of two, a daughter almost in her 40s, and a son. He and his relatives do different sorts of farming, which is beans, peppers and tangerines. He and his wife often help out at relative's farm, and he seems to be well-known in the village as a good talker, musician and good-hearted person. Can read and write Chinese characters, and is literate in Korean writing. Great knowledge and memory of words and expressions that he does not use anymore. Exceptional ability to create stories from stimuli, and expressing humour in language. He has great knowledge of Jejuan sayings, and knows folk songs as well.
Wife of HJG1. Strong woman who is still doing all sorts of farming with her husband. She focuses on tangerine farming. Mother of two children, see entry for HJG1. Born and grown up in Samyang in a fairly educated household. Fully literate.
Main researcher of current documentation project, as of 2016, PhD student in Linguistics at SOAS London. German-Korean descent, got to London after his BA studies.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1046199%23
Publisher:Soung-U Kim
SOAS London
Korean language
English language
Subject (ISO639):kor


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Citation: HJG1 (consultant) (consultant); HJG1 (speaker) (speaker); JOS1 (speaker) (speaker); JOS1 (consultant) (speaker); Soung-U Kim (researcher) (researcher); Soung-U Kim (depositor) (depositor); Soung-U Kim (speaker) (speaker). 2015-10-09. Soung-U Kim.
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