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Title:HYJ1, HSH1 and SUK1 eating sweet potatos and chatting
A multi-modal documentation of Jejuan conversations
Contributor (depositor):Soung-U Kim (depositor)
Contributor (speaker):HYJ1 (speaker)
HSH1 (speaker)
Soung-U Kim (speaker)
Coverage:South Korea
Description:When SUK1 went to HYJ1 to do another elicitation, HSH1 drops by for a chat, and brings sweet potatos for the other two. While HSH1 telsl HYJ1 about her life experiences, SUK1 leaves at 07:30 of jeju0154-02 (19:00 of the whole session) to go back home to get some tangerines for them. They go on talking about clothing for winter, and HSH1 talks about her family. They exchange news about people in the village. When SUK1 comes back at 03:20 of jeju0154-03 (around 26:00 of the whole sesison), they examine the tangerines and eat them while chatting and sorting out the rotten tangerines. HSH1 tells the two about her experiences of working on a tangerine plantation. She carries on telling them about a person she met that turned out to be a distant relative, and she uses the typically Jejuan notion of someone belonging to a so-called kʷentaŋ (궨당), which roughly means 'extended family', yet has far greater implications than in the Western concept, reaching up to one's own cousins five times or six times removed. After this, HSH1 leaves as she receives visit, and SUK1 starts preparing the subsequent elicitation session. HYJ1 shows a new phone to SUK1 that she got from her children.
This project aims at building an annotated audio-video corpus of spoken Jejuan with a focus on conversational genres, supplementing existing documentation of narratives and songs.
Born in Jimnyeong until she moved to Haengwon because of her husband. Now widowed mother of three daughters.
Born in Jimnyeong. As a child she apparently helped out as a Somi for a Shaman, and this is how she learnt about shamanitic rites and rituals, and seems to be knowledgeable in that respect. She still is called to do private rituals at some occasions, and is confident about her shamanistic abilities. As she does work that often seems to involve soothsaying rather than taking up the social role of a major village shaman, it is not clear what her ocassional profession actually is.
Main researcher of current documentation project, as of 2016, PhD student in Linguistics at SOAS London. German-Korean descent, got to London after his BA studies.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1046133%23
Publisher:Soung-U Kim
SOAS London
Korean language
English language
Subject (ISO639):kor


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Citation: HYJ1 (speaker) (speaker); HSH1 (speaker) (speaker); Soung-U Kim (speaker) (speaker); Soung-U Kim (depositor) (depositor). 2015-12-04. Soung-U Kim.
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