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Title:SUK1 chatting with ladies about Sukkun's potable water spots
A multi-modal documentation of Jejuan conversations
Contributor (depositor):Soung-U Kim (depositor)
Contributor (researcher):Soung-U Kim (researcher)
Contributor (speaker):GYS2 (speaker)
YSO1 (speaker)
YSH1 (speaker)
YYU1 (speaker)
Soung-U Kim (speaker)
YSO1 (consultant)
YSH1 (consultant)
YYU1 (consultant)
Coverage:South Korea
Description:SUK1 asks YYU1 and YSH1 about their memories of getting potable water in the past. Jeju Island is special in that wells were not often used by the seaside, instead, potable water constantly seeps through the lava ground into the open water, which is why until a few meters into the ocean, one will have sweet water. This is how people used to build stone walls into the water at various places along the coast, with each place designated as a bathing place separate according to biological genders, or a place to wash food and clothes, or slaughter animals. Later during the recording, GYS2 joins the conversation. The ladies also instruct SUK1 about the village structure of Sukkun. It is interesting to see how inhabitants divide their village into spaces, and how that guides their orientation. Later, the ladies talk about t͡ɕɒmsʰu (Haenyeo), the women divers, and say how they have their own diving territories, and how nowadays there are less and less divers. After that, SUK1 leaves the recording site in order to record more natural conversations between the ladies, yet they either take off, or lie down to rest. Note that at 16:25 SUK1 leaves the recording frame and then subsequently, there is practically no analysable spoken material in this recording until the end.
This project aims at building an annotated audio-video corpus of spoken Jejuan with a focus on conversational genres, supplementing existing documentation of narratives and songs.
Married at 23, gave birth to five children. Her husband is a teacher, which is why they moved around the country. Her father-in-law is a former head teacher of a school.
Was born in Sukkun (Sinchon) and worked for years as a woman diver.
Born and grown up in Sukkun (Sinchon). One of the few elders in their nineties in Sukkun, and probably the eldest.
Born and grown up in Sukkun (Sinchon). Has not lived anywhere else by her own account. Known as a knowledgeable and eloquent person in the village. Uses a lot of interesting ideophones and descriptive words. Good at explaining things, and reporting on cultural practices.
Main researcher of current documentation project, as of 2016, PhD student in Linguistics at SOAS London. German-Korean descent, got to London after his BA studies.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1041855%23
Publisher:Soung-U Kim
SOAS London
Korean language
English language
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Citation: GYS2 (speaker) (speaker); YSO1 (speaker) (speaker); YSH1 (speaker) (speaker); YYU1 (speaker) (speaker); Soung-U Kim (speaker) (speaker); Soung-U Kim (researcher) (researcher); Soung-U Kim (depositor) (depositor); YSO1 (consultant) (speaker); YSH1 (consultant) (speaker); YYU1 (consultant) (speaker). 2015-08-28. Soung-U Kim.
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