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Title:Elicitation 6 with HGS1
A multi-modal documentation of Jejuan conversations
Contributor (consultant):HGS1 (consultant)
Contributor (depositor):Soung-U Kim (depositor)
Contributor (researcher):Soung-U Kim (researcher)
Contributor (speaker):HGS1 (speaker)
Soung-U Kim (speaker)
Coverage:South Korea
Description:SUK1 did another elicitation session with HGS1 about lexical items he's recently learnt, and to continue the last part of relative clause forms. The focus today was on a couple of words that occur in fixed expressions that express some modal, or temporal meaning. It was also an exercise for both parties to practice explaining and thinking about ungrammaticality. Furthermore, this may be an interesting recording to look out for the consequences of researcher-speaker interaction in grammar writing. The recordings for lexical items were kept separate this time. jeju0090-01: words and nicknames for toddlers and young children (어진이, 순덱이, ㅇ..ㄱ은애기, 두린애기/두루애기, 물애기), jeju0090-02: word for married couple, jeju0090-03: lost place in the mountains (머무루 수덕), jeju0090-04: proverb about lazy people (비쌀 헐 때 보민 간세젱이 안다), jeju0090-05: Jejuan word for corn (대축뿌레기), jeju0090-06: Jejuan word for 'moment' (곱), jeju0090-07: eliciting quotative forms by asking for retelling something that a doctor told her, jeju009009: eliciting relative clause forms and TAM expression involving them. jeju0090-10: generic present (-me/-메) and present tense (-n/-ㄴ) marker. HGS1 makes an interesting connection to a quotative construction '-m i-eŋ' (-ㅁ 이엥), which may be seen as generic present quotative. This only rarely occurs in spontaneous speech as '-me' seems to be much more frequent, yet speakers often establish a metalinguistic connection between the two The bundle consists of 12 files in total, however: jeju0090-08: jeju0090-08 is only 3 seconds long and will not be deposited. jeju0090-11 contains sensitive gossip and will not be deposited (it is only 00:01:50 long though). jeju0090-12 is empty (that is, only ambient noise) and will not be deposited.
This project aims at building an annotated audio-video corpus of spoken Jejuan with a focus on conversational genres, supplementing existing documentation of narratives and songs.
Her family is mostly from Jimnyeong, only great-grandfather from Taeheung in the South. Her husband's family originates in Southern Jeolla, in Yeongam. Went to Japan at the age of 3, got back at the age of 15, 4.3 incident at 17. Her father had a factory in Deokcheon, but they had to give it up because of the 4.3 massacres. Mother of four children, two sons and two daughters, widow. 84 as of 2016.
Main researcher of current documentation project, as of 2016, PhD student in Linguistics at SOAS London. German-Korean descent, got to London after his BA studies.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1041605%23
Publisher:Soung-U Kim
SOAS London
Cultural discourse, Metalinguistic discourse
Korean language
English language
Subject (ISO639):kor


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Citation: HGS1 (speaker) (speaker); HGS1 (consultant) (consultant); Soung-U Kim (speaker) (speaker); Soung-U Kim (depositor) (depositor); Soung-U Kim (researcher) (researcher). 2015-08-16. Soung-U Kim.
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