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Title:historia sete homens que foram pedir trabalho
Documentation of Palikur Arawak language
Contributor (speaker):Wet
Description:a historia de sete homens que foram pedir trabalho
The Palikur is a group of about 2300 people. Around 1400 living in Brazil, at the Indigenous Land of Uaçá, Oiapoque, Amapá, in 12 villages: Kuahi, Ywawka, Flecha, Mangue 1, Mangue 2, Tawari, Amomni, Kwikwit, Pwaytyeket, Kamuywa, Urubu and Kumenê. About 900 living in Guyane. In Brazil 80% of natives speak Palikur and Portuguese. In Guyane the French is the mother tongue of youngsters. This project goal is to document in audio and video different genres of spoken Palikur in Brazil – ritualistic speak, narratives, chants – and that aren’t transmitted to new generations anymore.
The Palikur is an Arawak language spoken by approximately 2000 people throughout 12 villages at the Native Lands of Uaçá, Oiapoque, Amapá and also in small towns around the city of Saint Georges, at the French Guiana. In Brazil, the Palikur live at a multilingual region coexisting with the Kheuól French based creole language spoken by natives from Karipuna and Galibi-Marworno ethnics; the Portuguese that they learned in school, commercial relations and also going to Oiapoque City; and the French, spoken by the Palikur that live on French Guiana. Many Palikur speak the Kheuól, and for the Palikur that live on Flecha Village the Kheuól is their mother language. In the other villages the Palikur is the common language, although the children learn increasingly earlier to speak Portuguese, which is one of the influences of the school in the village.or
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Publisher:Elissandra Barros
Universidade Federal do Amapa - UNIFAP


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