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Title:Buckeye Corpus of Conversational Speech
Access Rights:SLDR licence + Producer's licence + Access to this item is restricted to the members of laboratories listed below as per their licenses signed with Ohio State University. In case access is not granted to you, go here for instructions on how to get this corpus:
http://buckeyecorpus.osu.edu/php/faq.php; rightsHolder = Department of Psychology, Ohio State University (Columbus US)
Access granted: none
Privileged access via shared licence for the members of institutions: Laboratoire parole et langage - UMR 7309 (LPL, Aix-en-Provence FR)
© The corpus should be cited as follows: Pitt, M.A., Dilley, L., Johnson, K., Kiesling, S., Raymond, W., Hume, E. and Fosler-Lussier, E. (2007) Buckeye Corpus of Conversational Speech (2nd release) [www.buckeyecorpus.osu.edu] Columbus, OH: Department of Psychology, Ohio State University (Distributor).
Permission: LPL-license-fax.pdf, LPL-license-receipt.txt
Restriction AR048 (50 ans à partir de 2011-10-24) - Documents dont la communication porte atteinte à la protection de la vie privée ou portant appréciation ou jugement de valeur sur une personne physique nommément désignée, ou facilement identifiable, ou qui font apparaître le comportement d'une personne dans des conditions susceptibles de lui porter préjudice. (Code du Patrimoine, art. L. 213-2, I, 3)
Restriction AR048 (50 years from 2011-10-24) - Documents disclosure of which undermines the protection of privacy or for appreciation or value judgments about a person named or easily identifiable, or which reveal the behavior of a person under circumstances which might cause him/her prejudice. (Code du Patrimoine, art. L. 213-2, I, 3)
制约 AR048 (从2011-10-24准入限制组50年) - 提供破坏隐私保护或欣赏或关于容易辨认的人的价值判断的命名或, 或者在情况也许带来他或她的伤害下显露人行为的透露。 (Code du Patrimoine, 艺术。 L. 213-2, I, 3)
Restriccion AR048 (50 years from 2011-10-24) - Documentos de divulgación de lo que perjudica la protección de la intimidad o de los juicios de valor acerca de apreciación o una persona con nombre o fácilmente identificables, o que revelan el comportamiento de una persona en circunstancias que podrían llevarle lesión. (Code du Patrimoine, art. L. 213-2, I, 3)
Access granted
Bibliographic Citation:Buckeye Corpus of Conversational Speech. Primary data (corpus). Department of Psychology, Ohio State University (Columbus US). Created 2011-10-24. Speech and Language Data Repository (SLDR/ORTOLANG). Identifier hdl:11041/sldr000776 - Archived ark:/87895/1.4-218333
Buckeye Corpus of Conversational Speech. Datos primarios (corpus). Department of Psychology, Ohio State University (Columbus US). Creación 2011-10-24. Banco de datos de habla y lenguaje (SLDR/ORTOLANG). Identificador hdl:11041/sldr000776 - Archived ark:/87895/1.4-218333
Buckeye Corpus of Conversational Speech. Données primaires (corpus). Department of Psychology, Ohio State University (Columbus US). Création 2011-10-24. Banque de données parole et langage (SLDR/ORTOLANG). Identifiant hdl:11041/sldr000776 - Archived ark:/87895/1.4-218333
Buckeye Corpus of Conversational Speech. 语音库. Department of Psychology, Ohio State University (Columbus US). 创建 2011-10-24. Speech and Language Data Repository (SLDR/ORTOLANG). 标识符 hdl:11041/sldr000776 - Archived ark:/87895/1.4-218333
Contributor (URI):http://buckeyecorpus.osu.edu
Contributor (author):Dilley, Laura
Fosler-Lussier, Eric
Hume, Elizabeth
Johnson, Keith
Kiesling, Scott
Pitt, Mark
Raymond, William
Contributor (depositor):Department of Psychology, Ohio State University (Columbus US)
Contributor (sponsor):National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders
Office of Research at Ohio State University
Creator:Department of Psychology, Ohio State University (Columbus US)
Date (W3CDTF):2011-10-24
Date Created (W3CDTF):2011-10-24
Date Modified (W3CDTF):2011-10-24
Description:This corpus contains high-quality recordings from 40 speakers in Columbus OH conversing freely with an interviewer. The speech has been orthographically transcribed and phonetically labeled. The audio and text files, together with time-aligned phonetic labels, are stored in a format for use with speech analysis software (Xwaves and Wavesurfer). Software for searching the transcription files is included.
Current documentation is available from http://buckeyecorpus.osu.edu.
Este corpus contiene grabaciones de alta calidad a partir de 40 oradores en Columbus, OH conversar libremente con un entrevistador. El discurso ha sido transcritas ortográficamente y etiquetadas fonéticamente. Los archivos de audio y texto, junto con la alineación de tiempo etiquetas fonéticas, se almacenan en un formato para su uso con el software de análisis del discurso (Xwaves y Wavesurfer). Software para la búsqueda de los archivos de la transcripción es incluido.
Documentación actualizada se encuentra disponible en http://buckeyecorpus.osu.edu.
Ce corpus contient des enregistrements de haute qualité de 40 locuteurs de Columbus (Ohio) en interactions spontanées avec un enquêteur. Le signal de parole a fait l'objet d'une transcription orthographique et d'un étiquetage phonétique. Les fichiers audio et textes, ainsi que les étiquetages phonétiques alignés sur le signal, sont préservés dans un format permettant leur utilisation avec des logiciels d'analyse de la parole (Xwaves and Wavesurfer). Un logiciel de requête dans les fichiers de transcription est inclus.
La documentation la plus récente est disponible sur le site http://buckeyecorpus.osu.edu.
PITT, Mark; Keith JOHNSON; Elizabeth HUME; Scott KIESLING; William RAYMOND (2005). The Buckeye Corpus of Conversational Speech: Labeling Conventions and a Test of Transcriber Reliability. Speech Communication, 45, 90-95.
Description (URI):http://buckeyecorpus.osu.edu/pubs/BuckeyeCorpus.pdf
Format (IMT):application/pdf
Identifier (URI):http://hdl.handle.net/11041/sldr000776
Language:English, American
English; Inglés americano
English; anglais américain
English; 英语, American
Language (ISO639):eng
License (URI):http://sldr.org/licence_v1/en
Provenance:Department of Psychology, Ohio State University (Columbus US)
long-term preservation
conservación a largo plazo
archive pérenne
Provenance (URI):http://buckeyecorpus.osu.edu
Publisher:Department of Psychology, Ohio State University (Columbus US)
Publisher (URI):http://buckeyecorpus.osu.edu
Spatial Coverage (ISO3166):US
Subject:aligned speech
phonological variation
discurso alineado
variación fonológica
corpus aligné
variation phonologique
English language
English, American
Inglés americano
anglais américain
英语, American
Subject (ISO639):eng
Subject (OLAC):computational_linguistics
Table Of Contents:VERSION HISTORY:
Version 2 is identical to version 1. Version 1 was unreachable from the dissemination site due to an error in the DIP transfer.
Temporal Coverage (Period):start=2000; end=2000
Type (DCMI):Sound
Type (Discourse):dialogue
Type (OLAC):primary_text


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