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Contributor (compiler):Theodore Schwartz
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Date (W3CDTF):1964-11-25
Date Created (W3CDTF):1964-11-25
Description:A. Pere. Pokanau: two stories:Karipo, and the Origin of Coconuts.J. Kilepak: three stories incl myth and story of Tayaway. Pokanau telling story of Nramey and Pwekaw. Karipo karipo karipo eei. Nrame the husband, Pwekaw the deceiving wife. Karipow the lover. Learned from Nyanrol on old man from Nyuank. Previous tape is of Pwenriley. Heard from Kisokaw, his grandfather. Another story in PE. Two men in canoe. Fishing. Masalay bl antap  to eat them. They try to outdistance him. Throw away their fish. Older brother says to kill me. Younger br. Says kill me. Throws out body parts of older brother. Only the head left when he reached the beach. Plants head. Origin of coconuts.  Coconut grows up to the house of the Masalai who lived in the sky.  The magic of the bowls with dog’s teeth. Meal with masalai.  Dogs teeth turn into dogs. Kill masalai. John Kisokau Kilepak.   Doing an enkinray in vds (very deliberate speech) excellent to transcribe. Jk heard story from his wife who heard it from an old man of Katin (Usiai) JK another story   PE in vds.   A couple, husband goes fishing with Kupwen (net)  full of real place names.  Lokalow.    Story of Lapan Kamala  who cooks only in salt water rather than fresh water. I tali enras  (he cooks it in salt water)   I yor ?   I tayani… cook? The lapan from Ramputyo steals their water.   This turns out to be a myth of the origin of Tayaway.  Tayaway associated in story with Ramputyo.   JK heard it from his wife.    Important to transcribe. JK describing the custom of tayaway. Pokanau    on Tayaway   among mipela Lompan.  Pere Bunai of the "r” dialedt of Titan.   Pokanau giving account of Tayaway in Pidgin. Pokanau speaking about why Tayaway was discontinued.  Started in Ramputyo with Tayaway of a woman named Nyaramwes. Storm, canoes sunk. Decided to discontinue.  Pere continued. Until after Polin and Selayau. Nyakwam wanted to do Tayaway for a woman to be married in Polot.  Nyakwam died as the feast was to commence. End of Tayaway.    Lompan another name for Nromput, the Kawas of Tyalalo. Everyone non-Lompan is called Tawi. Loitya is Lompan. Note I am re-recording this with a 2 hour length to hold the whole tape. Jk telling nkinray of Nyatuan.   In Tyo  (confinement pre-marriage) story in TP   all of JK’s texts on this tape in TP are vds, very deliberate speech for ease of transcription to paper.   Nyatuan  is the woman I no pa pwen. Refuses all suitors.   Suitors described as handsome (big arms, legs). The come sing and dance for her. Finally a Mwentyinal comes.   Many species of birds are his people   ala law ei. Lumulum, his pwalapwal lends him his good skin and body. JK heard it from Lankarap ofNromput, a Tapo of Bunai.   JK  John Kisokau Potuan    another story of Nyatuan, woman of Kamala. Confined to Tyo in preparation for marriage.  Refuses suitors. Sounds like repetitionof the same story? No not same. Suitor has kapra on his legs.  She marries him then runs away. Reproached.  Do you want to marry the sun? She does in fact want to marry the sun. The sun’s father is at home but the young sun is in the sky   I ma sa tu tye. She goes on a magic mowetyel to the sun. ?? great story. In the end it accounts for good weather and bad.  JK heard story from Isole. | B. Pere. Pokanau and Kilepak cont. | C. John Kilepak on preparation for Tayawai feast | D. John Kilepak on preparation for Tayawai feast . Language as given:
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Subject:Titan language
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