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Title:David Stock and Hilda Flan
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Date (W3CDTF):2018-12-09
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Description:Sunday 9th December 2018, ca. 10-11am. 209 Hardey Rd Belmont Perth. David Stock and Hilda Flann's house. Files transferred and notes typed up same day. Interview with Hilda Flann and David Stock (Milangka) about the 'Laka', a travelling song for Myfany Turpin's project (University of Sydney). David 'Yandi' Stock is a Nyiyparli / Banyjima elder. Roy Hill is his country. I assume Hilda Flann is also Nyiyaparli but didnt get that confirmed. Hilda grew up at Marble Bar. Probably on what was the Reserve. Hilda recalls her mum sang this song. Hilda reiterated a number of times the age of the song. Hilda is wearing Rode wireless lapel micrphone but this kept cutting out. I used the X and Y on the zoom recorder but there was quite a bit of background noise - aeroplanes, dog, children and CARS! Also wind noise. Audio file listing is: 20181209Perth-1.WAV - DS' Thats the Laka' 20181209Perth-2.WAV - discussing Sambo Yuninpuka. 'my mum used to sing all these songs'. Discussion of song making them drunk and fall over. 20181209Perth-2L.WAV 20181209Perth-3.WAV 20181209Perth-3L.WAV 20181209Perth-4.WAV 20181209Perth-4L.WAV 20181209Perth-5.WAV 20181209Perth-6.WAV 20181209Perth-7.WAV 20181209Perth-8.WAV -- Note that I interviewed Yandi previously in Port Hedland. __ I didn't have notebook so types up scribble on my conference and book is below Played Laka Marble Bar recordings first (OFrady02). Then Wallal Downs recordings (OGrady02). Then Pintupi recordings 'Parlkapi' is Nyiyaparli for public song and dance ceremonies = turlku. David and Hilda believe the Sambo on OGrady02 is Sambo Yuninpuka (Purungu). He was a Warnman man. His sister's two duaghters live at Port Hedland / Strelly. Barbara and Sharon Hale ~ Hall. They are his nieces. Sambo worked on Roy Hill (?) Marilana Station and lived at Marble Bar Reserve after that. David thinks the songs "were given back to Millstream" implying that they came from there did a big trip and came back. Yindji Barndi people at Millstream. [compare with Patrick Ooladoodi's first recording] David also talked about Pink eye and holiday time which was when they gathered for ceremony and would also sing this song. David knew Sambo. "Those people reaer us up". David used to go to Marble Bar to visit 'and things like that'. Marble Bar was a small town for the people from the desert. No south hedland, no Newman, No Tom Price. People would go to Marble Bar for their holiday David said they were 'tinning' thats where their life was. Songs: Hilda knows m-laka40, women used to shake their head to this one.She doesnt know m-laka45. m-laka30 no dancing, singing only. and Karima and the oter is Purungu and Milangka. m-laka25 Yandi sings along. Men used to dance around the fire to this one and Women shake their head side to side. They sit on their knees and move backwards - thats the dance to this song and some others. People would be grouped into their moieties. One moiety was panangka Hilda doesnt know laka 54. m-laka24 woman sitting position and go backwards. According to Yandi's niece who was there, yandi's nephew (presumably her husband) remembered the song from his time at Mulga Downs station. Mulga Downs station is located 96 kilometres (60 mi) north east of Tom Price and 167 kilometres (104 mi) south west of Marble Bar in the Pilbara region. I assume he was inside while we were doing the interviews. m-laka53 'tintina' brought big smiles on both Yandi and Hilda's face and they both looked at each other. They clearly know this one well! Men dance going around the fire to this one. They clap sticks or hands. 'Kunitja yinma' is said to mean 'song from the south' m-laka54 - men dance around the fire m-laka50 - women swinging head, men dance around fire. Yandi sings to m-laka48. Played Pintupi recordings . Yandi sings to m-laka44. They say this wasnt danced to.. Language as given:
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